Sometimes it’s just not there. I sit down with more ideas than the Bible and everything goes blank. My plate is full, but I have no recollection of feeding my creativity.  My brain feels scrambled, lost. There is a sense of frustration, a strong resentment to myself. I parade around a small sense of shame and failure.  I can’t do it.  It’s not here.

I remember to breath.

Just go with it.

Whatever I am thinking, I will just write and write.

Whatever I am feeling, I will accept it and feed the energy towards the summit.

However much I am resisted by the forces who fight against my efforts, I will push back with every ounce of artillery within me.

I love myself. I love my situation. I love my ability to create even when it seems impossible.

It’s not hard at all.  It’s right in front of me.  It’s the wind swirling through every canyon and crevice of the earth. The breaths we take of air that has been recirculating in our precious environment for millions of years, allowing us to feed off what we seldom notice. It’s the composition of symphonies inside my mind when the path seems so dark.  The birds chirp and the trees whisper, a constant reminder of the beauty and magic flourishing around our existence, never making efforts to hide or appear absent.  We hide the beauty in the world at our will.  We smother our creativity just by allowing the option.

Why do we separate humanity and ourselves from this earth like we are of another place?

Every time, it’s there.

We are it.

Creativity flows through us just like oxygen, blood.  It is present in every situation, every opportunity, every closed and open door.  It scribes the fundamentals and principles of eternity in, on and around anything and everything we engage.

I sit down with more ideas than the Bible and smile.

It doesn’t have to be on paper.  It doesn’t have to be on a canvas.  It doesn’t have to be a symphony of mystic voices guiding me to areas open for exploration.

The beauty of creativity surrounds me.  The beauty of creativity surrounds you.  The beauty of creativity circulates your action, awareness, heart and conscious.

It’s the reason for gravity.  It’s the reason for colors.  It’s the reason you are sharing this very moment.

Be one with it. Love it. Fight for it.

Creativity is you.  You are creativity.

This will always be true.

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