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Kerri Koczen and Danielle Roos are taking initiative and changing the world. Together they founded Yellow Rose Productions- a theatre and improv company focused solely on depicting real world problems to increase awareness with the audience and help the world recognize truth.

Their first production, ‘Princess Cut‘, examines the reality of the slavery and sex trafficking of a young girl inside a Knoxville, TN sex ring. The true story hits the local audiences hard because it opens up an entirely new perspective on the types of activities that are happening in the community. Not only are Kerri and Danielle creating the productions, but they are running campaigns to spread the awareness. They even have open panel discussions after the productions where audience members can engage in detailed conversations with professionals, including FBI agents, who are working to fight these cases every day.

Truly one of the deepest and moving conversations I’ve ever had a chance to take part in, the respect I have for Kerri & Danielle is infinite. Listen now, take action- and help these two increase awareness by sharing their story and getting involved!



Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with their talents…

  • They would use their network to create a giant puppet with Julie Taymor and defeat the big bastard…

Favorite Advice…

[Tweet “”The only way to learn stuff is by failing” – Louis CK via @yellowrosepro”] [Tweet “”You don’t want to have to live through the ‘What-Ifs'” – @yellowrosepro”] [Tweet “”Do things you don’t feel like doing!” – @yellowrosepro”] [Tweet “”Art is what allows people to feel something differently.” – @yellowrosepro”]

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