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Yan Huang created a Dragon Ball Z fan site as one of his first projects when he was just a child and eventually busted up some servers with 10,000 unique visits per day (servers weren’t what they are today!) He’s an award-winning marketer, business consultant, speaker, and the founder of Gray Hat Web, a Los Angeles design and marketing agency. He has 14 years of experience creating and marketing websites, and has worked with Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 companies.

Yan and I get funky on this episode with email marketing, leveraging in social media, and the great Tupac Shakur.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Yan:

  • Registering for an LLC and deciding to start his own business  at 18 years old (19:50),
  • His experiences in expanding his email list, some mistakes that marketers do in email distribution, and what email service he prefers the best (25:26),
  • The importance of being in all social media platforms and which one is the most useful to be in (34:43),
  • His styles in approaching the different audiences of the various social media channels (36:20),
  • Using YouTube videos as an avenue for community service and outreach (41:40), and
  • His overall mission in creating value and changing the lives of others. (49:50)


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “Collaborating with 2Pac will be phenomenal because everything that he had done for the progress of society was great. I would want to be creatively involved with some type of social movement with him.”

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I will send an email blast to all veterinarians and ask them to put together a super tranquilizer.”


  • Fully go into what you are passionate about as everything will go into full circle and you will see one thing being connected to another.
  • Keep an open mind to anything that you want to learn and don’t shut anything down- even if it’s not relevant to you at that moment.

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