Deeper and deeper, I absorb without slip;
Into the moment, into the movement.
Steeper and steeper, the Heavenly cliffs.
We smile. We sigh. We breath. We suffer.
But the opening allows the wound to heal,
And the mind is stronger and stronger once more.
And in this life I will not appeal
My position, my features, as those have before.
I seek. I lust. I propose. I envy;
Some for weak and others for strong.
But I’m aware of the force to prosper within me,
And this alone will bring me home.
I admire the energy of the simple people,
And I’ve tasted and changed my diet this way.
And with this, I have controlled my hunger;
For lust and envy and jealousy no longer.
I flush my capacity to unleash free,
For abundance is as abundance shall be.
And as I relate to the magic down under,
I toast to the world with all of me.
All I can be is the root of my dreams,
For visions turn true with this simple belief.
I’ll press. I’ll push. I’ll engage. I’ll stumble;
But I’ll never wonder if it’s meant to be.
I’ll never ponder what is meant of me,
Or why the tides and waves of the ocean sing.
For inside my core, there is a beat of thunder;
It’s red if the eyes so choose to perceive.
And with this storm, the universe rumbles,
For Mother Earth’s nature and wisdom to drink.
And the world absorbs and blossoms and blooms;
Darkness is crippled, and Beauty is Queen.
And only within our purest beliefs,
Will Love pursue and set us free.
Our passions will wed to the happiness tree,
And the sprouts will follow within our lead.
And if we arrive and worship the Sunset,
The Heavens will grant us another to see.

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