High achievers LOVE tragedy.

We all feel ripped apart by horses sometimes.

I’ve been known to roll around in my undies and cry myself to sleep, sucking my thumb like an infant from time to time.

I guess Lindsay is sick of this.. so she taught me something today.

When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold.  High achievers find the jackpot in the middle of the poo.

Despite all the amazing wins that I scribble down on my notebook every Sunday afternoon, I often feel like I’ve failed to achieve anything at all. My inner EMO kicks in and I start blaming external factors and convincing myself that I’m not good enough. My creativity is stupid, and nobody likes it. I should give up. I should move into a dark shed and pee my pants forever.

I should give up. I should move into a dark shed and pee my pants forever.


This feeling usually lasts for like 10 minutes. Then, I do a couple sweet back-spin high kicks, rip my shirt off with my bare hands, and parade around the house like a champion of all things awesome.  The champion dance usually doesn’t happen until after Lindsay points out something positive about an accomplishment of mine.

It’s scary how deadly our minds can be to our creativity and drive. We become what we think about, so it’s always important to recognize the things we DO accomplish.  It’s also important that we smile and celebrate everything in life that doesn’t work. If you look close enough, you will find little nuggets of positivity and growth that were the direct result of the “failure.”

When my basement flooded, I was happy.  Apparently this isn’t that uncommon when you dissect the mindset of successful people.

I was talking with Bri Seeley on an episode of the show last night, and she totaled her car and was ECSTATIC.  It was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while, and I can’t wait to share the episode when it comes out.

For every negative there is a positive.

As long as you believe you are making progress, you are making progress. If you believe the situation is awesome, it is awesome. You are achieving great things every day despite the appearance of ‘terrible’ situations from day to day.

There is magic in everything, no matter how dark the hole might seem.

Lindsay jotted together a list of characteristics that she resonates with “High Achievers,” and it’s often I find a match for myself when I’m feeling the most down.

I wanted to share her list with you because it is powerful.

Everyday I’m pushing for something more, and I forget to love myself for all the wonderful things I have already achieved. I admire this list because everyone is capable of carrying each of these characteristics with them.

You have three choices:

1. You can believe you own all these characteristics.
2. You can believe you own some of these characteristics.
3. You can believe you own none of these characteristics.

There are no limitations, and there is no ceiling.  No matter who you are or what your situation is, you are the highest achiever in the world if you want to be.

Read this list OUT LOUD when you feel like you aren’t achieving anything.  Read it every day.  It is you, and you are champion.

  • I am a high achiever.
  • I am significantly better today than I was yesterday, at all of my trades.
  • I am creative.
  • I am creating.
  • I am solving my problems.
  • I am flexible and open to confrontation.
  • I diligently set and pursue my goals.
  • I think and act like other high achievers.
  • I watch, read, and study the behaviors of successful people.
  • I use a standard of excellence, not a relative standard.
  • I am improving my self-competence.
  • I love constructive feedback and make excellent use of it
  • I take risks because there will be positive outcomes no matter what.
  • I cultivate optimism.
  • I monitor my performance carefully.
  • I engage with full concentration.
  • I am energized and pumped up by my goals.
  • I am doing my best.
  • I am engaging with mentors.
  • I am smiling, because I am alive.

Always remember that the expert in anything was once a beginner.

If you want to thank Lindsay for this list – and you should 🙂 – shoot her an email at [email protected]

She doesn’t know I’m posting this.

Fist pump, smile.. run around with your pants down.  You know the drill.

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