I had an old friend tell me the other day that it’s “weird” that I bought tickets to go see a concert that I am SO PUMPED about because “I never do anything anymore.”

The funny thing is, I accomplish more in one day that I use to accomplish in a year.  I grow more in each minute than I did in 7 years of post college belligerent rampages.

Let me clarify further.  I don’t spend all my nights drinking bourbon anymore, waking up face-down-pants-down in the bushes.  My experience no longer fade with the smell of bars and boos, and my days no longer bloom with dry mouth and a headache.  I never put myself in a situation where I feel suffocated by stress, debt or a hopeless outlook on life anymore.  I’m not confused.  I’m not empty.

I finally love myself.

I’m making real relationships with amazing people all over the world through The Artrepreneur Now podcast. I’m also on a personal campaign to save $15k this year so that I can pay off all my loan debt and live a life traveling the world, location independent.  Oh yea, I’m heading to Thailand in May for 2 weeks of fist pumping.  I’m writing a book.  I’m running 500 miles this year.  I’m creating a service business to solve the problems of other podcasters, the same problems that I have solved for myself.  I’m enrolled in weekly classes to learn new skills to help build my entrepreneurial journey.  I’m INVESTING in myself.  This is all happening while having a day job.

I’m influencing others to create the life they love.  I’m happy.

If there are people telling you that you “can’t,” or that it’s “weird” that you aren’t the same person you once were, take it as a compliment. Use it as inspiration to spark fire in your drive. If you envision yourself as a person capable of creating the life you love, you will inevitably reach that summit. The only way to make that transition is to make changes.  You HAVE to shake out your closet and eliminate old habits that don’t directly correlate with your vision. You MUST surround yourself with people who support you, and don’t worry about others who don’t understand why. They don’t have to understand because it’s YOUR story.  

Take pride in being “weird” for doing the things you were born to do.  Focus on the world and the unlimited opportunity that presents itself.  There is an army of people just like you willing to share their experiences with you.

You are a champion, and this world is your canvas. Create your life as you see fit, and live it in such a way that you would want to live the same life all over again.

Being “weird” is a requirement to change the world.

P.S – How “weird” are you? 🙂

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