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A native of Russia, Veronica Winters has blessed the United States with her presence and unmatchable creativity. She is an amazing visual artist and and takes us on a roller coaster through oil paintings, colored pencil techniques and the fascination of drilling emotions into artwork.

In this episode, we talk about discovering yourself and how it can lead to opening new doors, the art of teaching something back to the community, and how she made her trip from Russia and created the beautiful life she loves by following her dreams.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Veronica

  • Self-improvement, traveling, developing a national art program, the items in her creative bucket list, and her ultimate long term goals (7:35),
  • How she landed where she is despite her unplanned path of becoming an artist due to the economic situation in Russia (11:55),
  • The crash of the Soviet Union and the impact of this in the choices she had made in life (13:57),
  • What her style is, how she developed it and how she gets her creative juices flowing (17:39),
  • Her daily habits in her everyday routine to keep up and stay on top of her game(24:15), and
  • Knowing what artists want to know and learning how to communicate them through the books and publications she had written (31:30).


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would go to Rembrandt, Ver Meer or Bouguereau’s studio and would just watch them paint. I would not interfere, I would do nothing and I will simply watch. It would be such a great experience in observing the greats.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will to find his inner child by drawing this chalk on the street and maybe he would be kind and would stop being nasty. Then we’d become friends and have some tea.”


  • Keep reminding yourself that everything is possible and keep discovering yourself and new doors will open.
  • Know that you can achieve goals and never forget that. Don’t let others influence your opinion about yourself and what you can do. You shouldn’t stop yourself from doing what you like.
  • Communicate with other artists as will help you develop a different perception on things. Use Facebook groups if you want free answers to questions and to get critics for constructive feedback on your work. It creates also widens your network and develops friendships.

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