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 Currently Creating in: Australia

It’s never too late to start loving and caring for yourself.  Our lives can be revolutionized at any point to create the spark, desire and passion that we all live to experience.

Vera Deans Vucicevic is living proof that we can turn a hectic, high-stress and fast paced life into one of beautiful patience, creativity and peace.  It’s so easy to let life consume us, especially when responsibilities create our agenda, but Vera has figured out a way to bring light and color back into play.

She has spent her life raising her family and making ends meet, and particularly spending massive amounts of time with her son who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.  Through persistence, daily habits and a new attitude to be mindful to herself, Vera discovered that bringing creativity back into her routine has developed into a therapy like practice.

Not only that, she has opened up a new relationship with her son by sharing, collaborating and bonding through art.  J

She is a freelance artist and photographer and is changing the world with every breath.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Vera:

  • 07:32 : Her story from being born in Italy on their way to Australia, her strict upbringing and the restrictions in her artistry that came with it, to living her current life with freedom and pursuit of her dreams,
  • 13:08 : Her lifestyle changes from being an unfulfilled bank teller, breaking away to do fashion design, to replenishing and healing herself through finally immersing into art and photography,
  • 16:45 : How her slow transition came about, what her inspirations were, and how her son helped in giving her a new lease in her art life,
  • 22:07 : Her art styles including mixed media, water color, acrylic, inks, collage, black water paper and her techniques in using masking fluids,
  • 28:15 : Growing up with limited materials and creating art with whatever resources available and combining it with her imagination,
  • 33:09 : A discussion on the generation gaps and the different access various eras have to resources and their corresponding pros and cons,
  • 35:09 : Her past experience with doubtfulness, rejection, lack of guidance and supportand having no one to urge to pursue her aspirations, and
  • 40:26 :How she got over her challenges, roadblocks, ebbs and flows and work her way towards nurturing her passion before it died down.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would do a sculpture together with Salvador Dali and would love it if he could show me how he can depict the human soul through that sculpture.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “Godzilla is a huge movie star and I am a fan so I’d ask him for his autograph, ask him what his favorite Godzilla movie is, if his foes were easy to work with and if he is a method actor. Hopefully, this would break the ice and make him smile.”


  • You are allowed to live your life, you are allowed to aspire and fulfill your dreams.
  • It is daunting but if you don’t start that first step, it’ll never happen.
  • You have to do what’s intrinsically your passion otherwise you die before you die.
  • Life is beautiful. There are hardships too but there’s so much beauty and we should never forget that.
  • Be totally honest and authentic with who you are creatively regardless of what people think.
  • Don’t get stuck on one thing. Keep exploring, keep looking further.

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