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Everyone longs for more inspiration, motivation, passion, and ultimate meaning in life. It’s an incredibly hard journey, but when we link arms and unite behind an army of positivity, our dreams start to become real life.

111_quote_somedValerie Groth is one of those gems who leads the rebellion against resistance, inconfidence, procrastination, and negativity. She understands the sacrifices and uncomfortable transitions that must be made when creating a life of meaningful happiness, and she is dedicating her life to helping others reach their mindful and physical peaks.

Valerie is the founder and host of The Inspiration w/ Val Podcast, a motivational and inspirational speaker and coach, and the founder of The Ryan Banks Academy which was funded and supported by the World Domination Summit earlier this year.

In this episode, Valerie and I dive into the meaning of creating YOUR journey, and the core values necessary to bring them to reality. We talk about inspiration, motivation, mindset, and Valerie’s take on kickstarting a transition from lost and confused to meaningful. We also talk about her passion and drive to change the world with the Ryan Banks Academy, and the process of living larger than ourselves.

Valerie’s words and wisdom are taught from ground-level experience, and I’m ecstatic to introduce her to all of you dreamers.

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To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I live in downtown Chicago, so I will try to get him lost in the midst of the high rises to throw him off my case. Or, maybe I can sit down with him and talk to him about why he feels the need to be destructive and how we can focus on the positive.”


  • Doing realistic things are great for your sense of self-confidence and self-worth, but when you do things which seem totally outside of the box, outside of your comfort zone… and those which seem impossible, that’s when you truly have those huge shifts of perception.
  • For those kids, things seem hopeless. It’s like the ‘growth versus fixed mindset’ piece..if that’s all you know and people keep telling you that you’re worthless, it’s really difficult to break that.
  • It is easy to think that you are not the best out there, but there’s always going to be people who will be a few steps behind you who you can teach, coach, and help.
  • We’ve all done things for the wrong reasons, and a lot of that is because we don’t quite understand our core values and are not very introspective to know who we really are.
  • You can’t see the label of the jar you are in.

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  • 06:37 : How it felt getting the grant and recognition for the Ryan Banks Academy after taking a leap of faith to do the things that seemed impossible.
  • 10:23 : The Ryan Banks Academy backstory and Valerie’s motivation in building the academy up.
  • 14:14 : Sharing her glimpse of the life of the kids at the other end of the spectrum and her passion to change the pattern of this fixed mindset.
  • 16:00 : From being a kid wrapped up in shallow things to being a teacher who changes lives, Valerie shares how the change happen in her life, where her calling came from and the immense satisfaction she finds in helping people.
  • 18:29 : The mindset that she applies to be able to be a good coach for others and her advice to those who still do not have the confidence to move forward and become one.
  • 22:19 : The exercises and process she employs in coaching people to change their mindset.
  • 26:05 : The importance of coaches having coaches.
  • 27:23 : Habits that Valerie finds valuable including meditation.
  • 32:24 : Activities she recommends to de-stress such as taking care of your health, showing gratitude and writing down an optimal list of the things you can do.
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