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“If you don’t have a vision in your mind right now that is as clear as reality, then you are going to get sucked into someone else vision.  Either that or you are going to be floating around in life visionless.” -UJ Ramdas

You know how I am constantly talking about visualization, the 5-minute journal, and how it has completely revolutionized my life? Well, UJ Ramdas is the dude who created the journal.

97_quote1_somedAt the beginning of my journey last year, I discovered this journal through Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning (the exact system I’ve used to create my routines and habits that have set a pace for my successes.)  Since, I have used the principles of the journal as an anchor for happiness and productivity.

UJ and his journal teach us the power of the mind, visualizations, and our ability to create the life we love.

By using UJ’s principles and reviewing the 5-mine journal on a daily basis, there is no way magic won’t take over your life.

Learn all about it in this phenomenal chat with UJ.



Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “With a powerful explosive or something that has pyrotechnic stuff.”


  • The anticipation of doing it is more pleasurable than actually doing it.
  • There is no reason to believe that if a person has a positive outlook, he will remain positive no matter what.
  • We just need to ask ourselves if we have done our best.

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  • 8:49: How the idea of the 5-minute journal came about while UJ and a friend who shared a common habit of jotting down the day’s events in a journal were bouncing off ideas, and the realization that this habit should be shared as this could help people since this habit have kept them both on track with their goals,
  • 10:29: How UJ came up with a system to bring motivation and therapy together, to effect behavioral change that lasts.
  • 14:41: Why the 5-minute journal was created to effect solid behavioral changes in one’s life, why it begin with an exercise and UJ belief that it is only through clarity that one can have peace in one’s life. The mental gymnastics that UJ has come with are simple but thought provoking mental exercises on self-awareness that few of us truly appreciate until we put them to practice,
  • 21:00: What the five-minute journal gives us including the key to positive thoughts through mental exercises that will not require us to go to Tibet to study meditation for years,and a tool that gives us value for time and takes us through a five-step process of attaining clarity of thought for maximum self-awareness in order to effect consistent wanted behavior,
  • 25:35: How the 5-minute journal makes us plan our days and guides us on how to start them with anticipation and true eagerness, since, without self-awareness, our days tend to run together in an endless pattern of meaningless repetitions,
  • 28:20: How the 5-minute journal is effective in making a person aware that it is behavior that either made your day a good one or a so-so one,
  • 32:37: Why some people believe that they are already positive creatures and do not need any more lessons on the subject and how UJ explains that it is unreasonable for anyone to expect that just because one is positive, one will remain thus forever. He explains that we are the composite of our experiences and we need refresher courses like a car’s engine needs maintenance,
  • 34:17: The need of man for affirmation to stay positive and how the 5-minute journal gives clear and concise instructions to address this. UJ also gives a compelling argument on how we amplify  negativism through the setting of impossible goals for ourselves and advises to go for  small but attainable goals,
  • 38:40: Why, at the end of the day, the 5 minute journal is our truth serum; his warning of the trap we set on ourselves – of being too hard on ourselves, of expecting too much from ourselves and his advice on how the 5-minute journal is only a tool to evaluate our behavior for the day and not a tool for self-flagellation, and
  • 42:00: The revelation of two of the best people he could hope to take an interest on his work:Hal Elrod and Tim Ferriss, how they got to know of his 5-minute journal and the heartening way they had been so outspoken in their support of this work.


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