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When using the term ARTREPRENEUR, Tony Barber fits the description better than any other guest in the history of this show. He has a gigantic arsenal of artistic experience under his lifetime belt of creativity- including rocking out in Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs & other music edeavors; designing and inventing non-stop toys and products including the revolutionary ARTristic Easel, the soft toy version of Bananas In Pyjamas; the new paper craft Rose Twirler tool, and the Cut N Hold tape dispenser. He is a Children’s TV Presenter and has also authored over 30 children’s books, craft books, short stories and poems, and successfully sold a dead seagull in a box to 699 kids at school as his first entrepreneurial experience… and this is just to name a FEW J  Oh yea- we can’t forget the Exploding Teacher’s Bum Series..

**It is HIGHLY recommended that you listen to this interview RIGHT NOW!**

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Tony:

  • 03:33 : His story about moving to Australia and his unforgettable trip by sea,
  • 06:05 : His first marketing lessons and entrepreneurial exploits at the age of 11 in the form of selling a dead seagull to 699 kids in school,
  • 12:00 : The first time he sold an artwork which he entitled, Exploding Teacher Bums Pictures, and realizing from then on that he can build a career out of this talent,
  • 14:02 : How he went about writing his book, his publisher’s feedback and the controversial cover and title:How to Drive  Bully’s Bonkers Without Actually Killing Them,
  • 18:11 : The three principles in designing and creating products and the lessons he learned over time in not being too emotionally attached to ideas,
  • 19:28 : His processes, systems and strategies when coming up with his inventions including staying small but gaining big from licensing and royalties,
  • 31:15 : The classic marketing case of how he came up with ARTristic Easel, how he followed it through with market research and his powerful stories of how fulfilling it is to know that his invention can change lives,
  • 46:55 : Loving his majestic failures and why we should value to humor and people’s marvelous craziness,
  • 55:08 : Being thankful for the experience of being a rock and roll star in a band and having a number one record, and
  • 57:38 : The process he goes through when he creates a song and how we should keep our zeal burning as we can motivate people through our passion.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would want to work with Carl Surges. Carl is a creative genius, a true friend and one of the few people I know who understands totally that a worthwhile product idea gets developed with determination, no sleep, hard work and passion.  All things that I believe in. “

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “Because I can sew, I would make a small-sized Godzilla suit and I will join his species hoping he wouldn’t notice me as much. If you can’t beat them, join them.”


  • The three principles in designing and creating products are: fulfill a need, create a need, or improve a need. If you have a product that could do one or more of these things, you are already half way to success.
  • I learned not to get too emotionally attached to ideas. Test them out, see if they work and if they don’t, move on and do something else.
  • In creating, you learn all the rules, you learn the tools and how to use them as best as you can, and then you spend the rest of your life breaking every single one. That’s how you come up with new things.
  • With ladies, you got to keep them entertained, you got to keep them laughing and not take yourself seriously and they’ll stay with you for life.
  • If you keep succeeding at everything, life will just be boring.
  • The things you make, create and do, may motivate someone else to do it too. Always think about that when you present something you have done so be passionate and you will motivate someone else.
  • Use YouTube. It is the biggest television station in the world and you can advertise on it free. Learn to make a video and stick it up there.

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