You can dance if you want to…You can leave you friends behind.  You can create the life you love.

When I first started my mission to positively change my life and the lives of others around me, I felt like I was in a deep hole and there was really no way out.  I made a promise to myself to give it everything, and with the help of some amazing influencers that I crossed paths with.. I did just that.

Today I received a message from Kelsie Manning, and truly passionate and inspiring individual who reminds me so much of myself when I started.  Despite being told that she cannot follow her dreams.. she is doing just that.  She wrote this amazing blog post that I wanted to share because I think there are SO MANY of us that are in this together.

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and need some inspiration, I highly suggest that you reach out and talk to people just as Kelsie and I have done.  You will be surprised how many people want to help you get to where you want to go.

Here is the intro and a link to Kelsie’s post:

Have you ever woken up, thought about your life, and realized that you thought you would have achieved more in that time? Mine was my 21st birthday. I looked at my life I realized I should be a junior in college, but I was really only a sophomore due to changing my degree multiple times and not doing so well in some classes. I didn’t have a plan for my future, I could barely pay my bills. I wasn’t living in a town I enjoyed, but didn’t have anywhere more appealing to be. I was in a funk. I felt lost. I felt stuck. And honestly, I was. But I also didn’t have any desire to fix my current situation either. I was unmotivated, unwilling to change my behaviors, and didn’t even know where to begin.

My Kick in the Butt – Kelsie Manning

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