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So you want to self publish but don’t know how? Well, you are just one big lucky ducky today. Tim Lewis did too, and he re-created himself to figure it out! He is the founder of Stoneham Press Ltd, a London-based company formed to publish books and provide services and tools to self-published authors to allow them to publish, market and manage their publications more successfully.

Nothing is every easy, and tragedy happens everyday when it’s least expected, creating gigantic roadblocks for big visions, dreams, goals and lifestyles. In this episode, Tim shares his journey through life and his experience of living through the tragedy of losing his wife. The hard reality shift repositioned the way Tim looked at the world, and his vision was never the same again. He took initiative to leave his corporate job and create the life he loves, and he’s doing it with the intent to help others along the way.

Cheers Tim!

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Tim:

  • 11:31 : Tim’s back story starting with his corporate job, his wife suffering a major hemorrhagic stroke in 2009 and passing away in 2011, to finally making the leap in leaving his company after being there for 15 years,
  • 22:40 : His transition period and stumbling into the book, Write, Publish, Repeat, which inspired him to explore Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP),
  • 26:03 : Writing his first book, Timeshock: I Want My Life Back, and the practices and the processes he went through to start and publish the book,
  • 30:12 : Working on his blog, planning to develop an app, publishing his full-length novel and all the ideas that Tim is looking to get into,
  • 40:24 : His previous interest in screenplay and his practical tips and key take-aways in his journey in self-publishing so far, and
  • 46:20 : How it feels publishing a book, the pricing tiers in Amazon and the right perspective you should have in getting your content out there.


Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would use the power of the internet to stop Godzilla. I’d look up the world’s foremost expert on Godzilla, get into a Skype call with him to get tips into what weapons to use, get into to get the device mass produced and go and confront Godzilla and shoot him with that.”


  • You have to make the most in every situation you are in.
  • It’s always far better to just do things than to worry about whether you should do them. The anxiety of worrying about things is often worse than actually doing it.
  • Read as many books as you can, do the homework beforehand and before you submit, make the effort and listen to the community to find out which is worth investing.
  • Use the software Reflector to record a video with everything you do in your iPhone or iPad so you can do a tutorial or something to put it out there.
  • Use the reading software NaturalReader – there is a free version which involves a lot of cut and pasting or you can pay and it will read the whole document.

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