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Our Artrepreneur now is Thomas Griffin, Founder of Art Square, a social marketplace which connects artists with professional photographers to get their images digitized and online.

Thomas first ventured into the art world when he started the online art gallery, Emineo, in 2012. He then brought on technical co-founder Christopher Smith and rebranded Emineo Art Gallery to what ArtSquare is today. The platform functions as a print on-demand service: prints of original works aren’t made until they are sold, so costs stay low for both the artist and ArtSquare.

This interview is slammed with amazing quotes from Thomas.  Cheers dude.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Thomas:

  • 06:33 : His introduction to buying and selling art in college through eBay, starting an online college gallery and the fulfilling feeling of helping artists gain stability in their career,
  • 10:35 : How he learned frictions points to gain insights on how to solve problems and analyzed what are valuable to artists to gain participation to this online commerce that he built,
  • 12:38 : Always wanting to be an inventor, starting to be an entrepreneur in college and learning what makes him feel alive and makes him excited in working with creative people,
  • 19:25 : His challenges and the scariest things that he went through such as raising investment for the business and moving to the West Coast,
  • 24: 32 : Keeping up with the daily grind and harder aspects of balancing a business and his long-term vision for Art Square,
  • 30:15 : Figuring out his life hacks by going to the beach, reading fiction, travelling, working out, playing sports and getting rowdy in the weekend, and the culture he is building in Art Square, and
  • 39:25 : His experience in crowd funding and the things that he would do differently if he could go back to the past.


Creative Influences

  • Alt-J
  • Chet Baker
  • Johnnyswim
  • A$AP Rocky

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would sit down with Steve Jobs as he is brilliant and innovative, with Travis from Uber as the execution of his idea is impressive and have French pressed coffee with Nikola Tesla.”

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I will assemble a team with a scientist, a level-headed military guy and a reptile specialist. If I cannot find a team, I will go live on an island and hope he doesn’t stumble on me.”


  • The little nuances of childhood carries forward to adulthood if it’s fostered the right way.
  • When you know yourself and the things that make you come alive, you naturally can’t resist taking steps and getting where you want to go.
  • At the end of the day, it is passion that carries you to greatness.
  • Success goes to the people who just hang on. Just hang in there, don’t let go, keep going and you’ll end up somewhere that you want to be.
  • It’s easy to embark in a journey, but the hard thing is to execute it every single day.
  • There’s a surplus of problems but there’s also a surplus of creativity to solve those, and I want to be in that spot for the rest of my life.
  • Enjoy life first and you’ll produce the best things in work.
  • Making money is the easy part. It’s finding the passion and dealing with the fears within yourself that get in the way of living passion out daily.
  • Find that thing that makes you come alive and just do it. The risk is never as big as we feel it is but the return is always higher than you can imagine.

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