Sometimes we seek answers from others, and they just aren’t there. But, it’s not that the answers aren’t available.

Those we seek answers from are blind with doubt, resistance, and uncertainty about what may happen if a certain answer is given.

I want you to know that you do not need permission from others to create your dreams.

You do not need permission from others to lend support to others who are creating their dreams.

There will always be a discomfort in walking towards the opposite direction of those you love, especially in a situation that has been the setting of your entire life.


Things are always uncomfortable before they are comfortable.

Everything you have ever dreamed of is sleeping on the other side of your comfort zone.

The brilliance that sits on the magic shelf of your creativity will become you in your quest to transition into the person you most desire.

They will always doubt you. They will always think you are crazy. They will always think your decision is childish, immature, sporadic, risky, and ultimately wrong. Even if they are your closest family or your best friends, the support is often on the opposite side of the possibility canvas.

Sometimes it’s because they are scared of the unknown. Sometimes it’s because they are jealous of your drive to break tradition and taste the true meaning of life.

And sometimes they resent it simply because they LOVE you, and they MISS you, and they want the very best for you whether they know what it is or not.

And this is all okay.

Because when you take that step and break away from the norm- when you defy resistance, fear, and the force against your transitions, you are creating motion to heal yourself.

You are cutting the chains of restriction in a common life and creating a path that was not available before.

You are birthing new ideas, energy, creativity, and life that was not in existence until the moment you took action.

The sum of this process creates and shapes new opportunities that supply and plenish your precious mind with a type of happiness that is rarely discovered by most. This level of happiness sets the stage for significant changes in the world, all of which are the result of you choosing to follow your heart when they told you not to.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

I want you to feel the love, support, and strength of us around you who are also pushing the envelope.

You will realize that everyone else, or ‘they,’ … they will start to notice the changes that surround you.

They will start to wonder why you haven’t broken.

They will start to be intrigued by your magical movement and your ability to create a life carved and protected by this rare form of happiness.

And next…

They will start to wonder if it’s real.

They will start to wonder if it’s possible to happen to others.

They will feel your strength, and smiles, and infinite love for life, and they will start to wonder if it’s possible in their life. They will ask questions, and they will wrestle with doubt. The fear will hit them like a brick wall on crack.

But, they will want it more than ever for themselves. They will start to love the idea of this free life, and they will crave it.

Soon enough, they will be faced with a decision to either separate from the common shell of tradition and fight for the life they love, or once again fall to the feet of the resistance gremlins and drown in a life of falsely perceived ease, comfort, and what is considered the norm.

It is those of you who make the decision to create the life you love that will carry the torch that ignites the world to seek healing.

Your decision is the secret to discovering the essence of happiness and the meaning of what life can be like when you embrace the heart and live on your own terms.

Your decision is a catalyst for those behind you who will also change the world.

All of us have been on both sides of the wobble, and there is only one way to shift your position.

Believe in your heart. Believe in your dreams.

Believe that this is much bigger than yourself.

Believe in more.

When you realize you are more, so does everyone else.

And now you are loved more than ever.

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