Sometimes, sometimes is hard.

Sometimes we are present in the moment, but then the moment passes. Are we still connecting to it? Are we feeding off of it?

Are we still using the roots of our past for the next big triumph?

Moments are built off experiences in the present state of consciousness.

Creativity has the power to bloom the most beautiful moments in our lives, but creativity is also the product of a moment.

Nevertheless, we get lost in these moments because they are brief tastes of comfort. We feel security in the present state of affairs because it makes us feel good. It slaughters all extensions of pain.

Then, we lust for more.

More simplicity. More love. More comfort. More peace of mind.

The moment passes.

Is time an almighty force beyond our control, or can we use mindfulness and gratitude to secure a moment forever?

Maybe there is magic in the interconnectedness of the transitions we make in and out of these precious moments.

After all, isn’t life just a monstrous web of moments all working towards a common destination…or should I say… power?

Maybe that common power is a miracle- the product of all moments that we, together, create and share.

Pay attention to, love, and mature within your moments, because they will set you free.

To you, what does it mean to be free? At what milestone are you inclined to remove the trap from the top of your brain and the center of your heart?

In our physical state of being, we cannot move backward into a situation of real-time. However, we constantly allow our minds to backtrack and recess at the first hint of stress, rejection, and the possibility of failure.

The scary part isn’t failing, it’s succeeding among our wildest dreams.

In our moments of failure, we reason with comfort and security. We recognize the outcome when something doesn’t work, and deep down we are wired to accept it.

We ignore it because it’s easy.

Why are we so willing to strip down to our bare asses and sled down the mountain that we just spent massive amounts of energy, time, and enthusiasm building?

In the moment, why is it so easy to quit?

The answer doesn’t lie deep in the secrets of humanity, only bearing its head to a lucky blind man on rare occasions. The answer is a mindfuck, wired deep into our DNA, designed as a sense of comfort and security for survival.

We had to feel fear to develop and survive as a species.

I get that.

But we also had to be fearless to be the successors over those who weren’t.

As soon as we tap into the super intelligence that creates the magic of our reality and existence- the mind, the body, and the connectivity of our neurological system and the earth itself- we discover that our entire existence is the creation of all powers and matters surrounding us.

We are a deep ocean of freedom and success with endless outcomes and possibilities.

Each one of our experiences interacts with, relates, and ultimately produces energy that binds all of life AS WE KNOW IT.

We make the decision to filter any given situation as we see fit to our liking or disliking. We know it as we choose to know it. We love it more than anything, and we hate it more than everything.

How you choose to engage and react at any moment will dictate the outcome of your actions.

You have all the magic and power in the world wired inside of you, ready to paint all of your moments with freedom.

You don’t have to climb a mountain to find the promise land; you just have to decide when you’ll find it.

Take this moment, and make it yours.

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