There is a struggle much bigger than this pen. There is a struggle that lingers like the tide of an ocean under the dark spell of a creative hurricane. It reminds me of my mortality, existence, and progress.

This struggle connects all cries and frowns from myself and others alike, and it cooks them up to serve to others with a steamy side of bullshit.

The struggle is not sincere, nor does it care who I am or where I’m going.

It doesn’t care about you either.

It operates to dismantle the world from discovering the good energies of happiness that birth and flourish within the fruits of life. It operates to burn all bridges that we create, in arms, to support the cross-over into a life of contentment and meaning. (The life you dream about.)

When these bridges are obsolete, and we fall out of unity with one another, the struggle takes control of the current situation.

However, it can NEVER be in control of our future situations.

Thoughts and actions stapled to the back of negativity within the struggle produce an illusion that leads us to believe we are comfortable in the situation.

Do you procrastinate? Illusion.

How many times have you made an excuse to get out of doing something you fear may be difficult? Instead, you take the easy way out and do the bare minimum or nothing at all.

The result: 99.9% of us live our entire lives within this illusion. (I made the number up, but it has to be close.)

But why?

Life is about overcoming fears and obstacles and improving our minds, bodies, and souls every day. If it wasn’t, we’d all still be wearing diapers and shitting everywhere, waiting for Grandma to come wipe our asses because it’s easy.

The secret is only the “thought” of negativity is real. It only exists because we allow it to.

It is true that there will always be the cancerous “thought” of negativity ready to quadruple-stuff our asses in an attempt to destroy the positivity and world-changing efforts of our linking arms.

You can look at it two ways.

1. For every negative, there is a positive.
2. For every positive, there is a negative.

You can choose to see the beauty in negativity, or you can choose to see the negativity in beauty.

When it comes thinking, you have a definite choice.

We learn how to develop to the next level of happiness off the back of current situations that may involve a taste of negativity. However, it’s our ability to see the beauty in the negativity that makes all the difference.

Some people think life is a constant cycle of failures in an attempt to find success.

Great people know life is a constant cycle of success founded within the trenches of failure.

Some people think they aren’t capable of success because they never welcome the thought.

Great people own the thought, and they shape the world with heart, passion, patience, and love.

You will be as great and successful as you believe you are, and it’s pretty awesome to find success in everything.

It’s easy.

It’s so much easier than having Grandma wipe the shit off your ass.

Look- it’s unbelievable the miracle that we are even here right now, and our time is a guaranteed limitation. You will make choices the rest of your life before, during, and after every interaction, conversation, and situation.

To be happy, you must love the choices you make, and believe in them.

You must see the gold in every bad lemon. You must laugh hysterically when negative thoughts and interactions have handicapped your hours, days, or even weeks because it’s truly magical that you have the ability to be present in the situation to begin with.

The negative thoughts will always check in and out, but it is your beliefs that will occupy the throne.

I often hear the quote: “Things can always be better, and things can always be worse.”

I don’t think so.

If you train your mind to cherish every breath, moment and struggle that you encounter, things can never be better, and things can always be worse.

If you live in a mindset where things can never be better, and things can always be worse, you will never struggle again.

That, my friend, is true happiness.

This life is true love.

We shall take on the world together. 🙂

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