The biggest distraction preventing us from a true life of living on our terms is the idea that money can get us there alone.

We put too much faith into fake-passion projects because we think in our head that they are the ones that will make us rich Рsolving all of our problems. I call these fake passion projects because our love for them is sparked and restrained by our lust for the big eyes of a life-changing monetary boost.

We ignore our family, friends, and the moments that make life beautiful.

Magic lies within a lifestyle with no strings attached. True happiness is in the magic of doing and being just as we please, regardless of monetary fortune.

When you can see through the transparency of the big green idea, that is when you will find success to shape your life around. That is REAL happiness.

It is where love exists.

There will never be enough money, there will only some. Some is enough to live the life of your dreams.



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