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The definition of ‘digital nomad’ is:

“Digital nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner.”

107_quote1_somedFabian Dittrich had a passion for travel and everyday excitement, but he was trapped within a job that wouldn’t allow the lifestyle he longed for.

So guess what Fabian did? He crushed his resistance and abandoned his ‘job’ to adventure around the world- seeking others currently living and creating on their own terms.

Fabian is involved in many badass projects, but he is most known for creating the world’s first NOMAD COMPANY, traveling in a defender throughout South America and documenting his quest for world domination on

His defender is known as the ‘rolling office’ where he cruises around magical lands all over the world, interviewing others who are living and creating the exact lifestyle of their dreams- no strings attached.

If you want a swift kick to the ass to get you motivated to fight for your dreams, this episode is definitely for you.


Creative Influences


  • Why do we humans, lock ourselves in cages, at our desks, while no other species is doing it?
  • It is awesome to push the boundaries of what work means.
  • There are thousands of possibilities.

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  • 4:50: See South America through Fabian’s eyes. Fabian has been driving from Argentina to Columbia, roughly, about 11,400 kilometers. What is he doing? He is running a company in his “tank” while driving around South America and documenting other people who live his theory. His theory is that the working man should not be tied to his desk but to enjoy the good life while earning a living. So he finds people who do not work like the rest of us. In other words, he is disproving the honored adage “You cannot eat your cake and still keep it.” How did he manage this? Listen as he tells how he successfully did60 data migrations, 13 design projects and 250 calls across 6 countries with only 1 disconnected call.
  • 10:11: Fabian tells of the best call he ever experienced. This call happened while he was stuck in the desert, in some nowhere town with chickens running in and out of the Internet Café, amidst children playing Counter Strike. Dude, this guy has been everywhere! He talks about having this epiphany of the “nomad office” while he was on a tree house somewhere in the Amazon and watching pink river dolphins frolicking in some unpronounceable piece of real estate.
  • 20:42: Listen to how Fabian finds these projects to support his work rebellion. He tells how he did this and in the process he also explained the difference between the co-working spaces of Europe and South America. He talks about having the passion and the belief to dream big. He has sound advice about testing your ideas before leaving your comfort zone and burning your bridges. He actually goes into the nitty-gritty details of how to test an idea. In other words, he may look crazy, sound crazy but there is method in his madness.
  • 25:50: Fabian talks about his observation of the successful people. He fearlessly supports the 5% population of the world who does not join the bandwagon but goes out to do something original. He believes the chances of being successful are higher because the playing field is not too crowded. To illustrate just how serious Fabian about “being different” listen to this part as he tells of how he found inspiration in the kaleidoscopic lifestyle of the world’s number 1 campaigner for the legalization of marijuana. He goes on to enthusiastically endorse the fabulous benefits of using the video because this was how he managed to win the chance of meeting this guy in person. Fabian may be outlandish in his ideas and inspirations but he is surprisingly detailed, systematic and methodical when it comes to the execution of his projects. He even has ideas of how to save time on making videos – a sort of mass producing videos with a simple substitution of the main character and idea. He has innovative ways of using the video that makes perfect sense!
  • 30:35: If you think that Fabian only visits relatively safe places, think again. This part tells of how he has visited places that certainly will never get an endorsement from the US Foreign Affairs. Places such as Nigeria or Mauritania or Lagos. Listen to his amazing view of the world being a pretty safe place if you just do away with negativity and to his even more amazing assertion that in all the places he has been and in all the joints he had walked into, he never had a bad experience with the local population. It is all about common sense and a positive attitude. He also expounds on his theory of man’s instinctive response to the unknown is to flee because he recognizes it as “danger.” He believes this is a failure of evolution that left man with vestiges of the reptilian brain cells and it is up to man to overcome his fear of the unknown.
  • 36:08: Have you ever heard of the Blue Hole? This is Fabian’s favorite place. Listen to him as he describes this paradise and the idyllic time he had there. Look out for the sudden shift in his thoughts when he becomes introspective and sees a perfect representation of society in the way most people hold hands and take tiny steps to go up the waterfalls and the tiny percentage of visitors who climb up there without guides and no instructions from anyone.
  • 42:06: Fabian talks about his future plans. Listen as he talks in his matter-of-fact voice about having a book deal, may be go to France, Spain and then Morocco, Northern Africa, Asia. All these and he is also thinking of writing about a How-To-Book.
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