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Creativity helps maximize your health, AND health helps maximize your creativity. In a nutshell, the process of creating is good for you, and it’s a topic that should be taken seriously by all of us, not just the ‘creatives.’

Now – If I had a crush on a dude (and I do), it would be on none other than Shawn ‘The Batman’ Stevenson.


  • He speaks like a super-hero.
  • His abs were used to mold the Batsuit for the last 75 years.
  • He saves lives with his podcast (The Model Health Show) and constant teachings, and not just in Gotham.

In all seriousness, Shawn Stevenson is changing the world. He was overweight and unhealthy when diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in his back, and he took the weight upon himself to defy the odds the doctors gave him.

106_quote1_SomedDegenerative Disc Disease is commonly referred to as ‘unfixable’ by most Doctors, but Shawn doubted the system. He put all of his effort and faith into researching and dissecting his problems. Not only was he able to reverse his disease, but he also built the foundation for a life of meaning that would evolve into helping others become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

From mental health and psychology to physical fitness and nutrition, Shawn has dedicated his life to creating and delivering the absolute best health information available in the world. He also makes the health information simple, clear, and easy-to-understand for EVERYONE.


I’m not dropping mad compliments because he makes me feel like a fangirl (and he does), but my life has seriously changed since I discovered his podcast. I have been able to apply his methods and teachings to every possible aspect of my life, and I’m the absolute best version of myself because of it.

Health and fitness can be a long, continuous battle, but Shawn has created a way for everyone to look, feel, and function at their highest levels.

I’m batman-pumped to release this episode where Shawn and I tackle the benefits of combining health and creativity.



To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I have to try and find out what he wants. Everything on the planet wants to be happy. I’ll try to find out what Godzilla is looking for. Maybe he is looking for a Godzillaette. Maybe we gotta find a giant lizard that he can get it on with!”


  • You’ve got to use what you have to get what you want.
  • The mind is different from the brain.
  • You have to be creative to survive!
  • It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. -Einstein

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  • 8:43: Learn the difference between fitness and health directly from the expert’s mouth. He makes so much sense, dissecting the whys of health concepts and getting to the bottom line of how health affects creativity. Do you know that a high percentage of professional athletes suffer ill health and early deaths after their playing days are over? Listen to Shawn’s theory about this.
  • 11:06: Shawn and I suffered this dreadfully painful degenerative disc disease. Shawn had his worst than most and he gives a poignant description of how it was for him then. Listen to his story of how it was for him at 20 years old and feeling sometimes pitiful, sometimes comic as he battled his way through this debilitating disease as a student.
  • 13:00: Shawn tells about making the decision to get well. Listen to the incredible things that happened to his health and his overall well being after he took responsibility for his body’s needs! Listen to him as he explains what making the decision is all about and be totally blown away on how this simple mind shift can change one’s health and one’s life!
  • 16:24: Do it right! When you come to the decision to get well, do it right! Shawn’s earnestness, passion and conviction are all there when you listen to him as he describes how he approached his decision to get well. It was a 3-pronged attack: Right nutrition, right movement and sleep. Listen as he explains how understanding your body can help you do the right thing on every aspect of your health.
  • 24:00: Why does increasing the intake of drinking water seems to make one want to drink more? Listen to Shawn’s amazing explanation of water’s direct relationship to our spine’s health. Can simply increasing the intake of drinking water help the spine? Absolutely, yes! This segment explains how this happens and the amazing benefits the right kind of water can help our health in general.
  • 28:54: Why does exercise encourage creativity? Synchronicity. The brain is different from the mind. Shawn gives a wonderfully coherent theory of how modern man has forgotten his connection with Mother Earth and his primal instinct to survive. Learn the four Fs that practically dictate every man’s response to his everyday existence. Have you ever wondered why some people claim to be creative while they are in the shower?  Shawn has an incredible but amazingly sensible answer to this phenomenon.
  • 36:05: How do you think being creative plays a positive role on health? Shawn describes our existence as a virtuous circle. Creativity feeds health and health feeds creativity. When we eat right, our bodies become healthy, consequently we open our energy and we feel like creating and growing. It is hard to do anything if you don’t feel good. You have to be creative to survive. Listen to Shawn expound on this theory and how he increases his creativity through correct exercise, eating right and resting right!
  • 40:00: They say we are a product of our environment. Listen as Shawn tells us that we can create our own environment. How do we stop bad things from happening? Unlike lower forms of animals, man can create an environment that can protect him from harm. Listen as Shawn tells us how we can do this daily, under ordinary circumstances, while doing our everyday routine.
  • 45:00: How do we make up for the times we actually have to do the necessary chores that make up modern living? We have to drive, we have to sit down for hours or when we have a desk job that requires us to sit down – the usual punishments we give our bodies because we are in the 21st Is there a way to make up for all these bad things we do to our bodies? Yes, there is! Shawn gives us a lot of interesting stuff by explaining what happens to our bodies when we are sitting down and movement is limited. He makes us understand the impact of sitting on specific parts of our body and creative ways to combat long periods of inactivity. Listen as he describes exercise movements that can help us counter unhealthy inactivity while we earn our bread and butter at our desk jobs!
  • 49:47: How do you know you are eating real food? Real food is food that keeps us healthy and contributes to our creativity. He starts with an explanation of the basic structure of the brain. The brain is made of fat, a lot of it, saturated fat. Surprised? So do not discount fat food. Just choose your fat food wisely because it can also be brain food. Coconut oil is a great fat food. Listen as he also explains what green tea, medicinal mushrooms such as Ganoderma, shitake, reishi, etc. can do for our health!
  • 52:00: Shawn goes on to explain interesting and esoteric stuff such as Chi which is our daily fire, other forces such as life force, spiritual energy, Chakra and how awareness and knowledge of these forces can help us choose the right food to boost our creativity. He is especially informative about medicinal mushrooms. He also explains how gingko biloba can be good for brain communication. Listen to the Eastern philosophical ideas Shawn has adapted to create his wholesome, holistic approach to health and fitness.
  • 55:00: Why do we have cravings? Shawn believes this has something to do with our personality or body types and mental attitudes. He has an interesting way of looking at people that directly links people to food preferences. This is a 5,000 year old philosophy that amazingly still works today and listen how Shawn has adapted a part of this philosophy known as Ayurvedic medicine to describe body types and food and possibly strange food cravings.
  • 1:05:00: Listen as Shawn talks about his Model Health Show and getting 400,000 downloads. Learn how he did it through social media! Listen how Shawn raves about his show and his enthusiasm is so infectious you just kind of get the feeling that he is the epitome of his theory on creativity through health!
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