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Every once in a while I have a conversation with someone, and I can tell their brain is functioning in the future. Tlacael Esparza is one of those dudes who thinks and acts upon the next generation of creative forces.

He is the co-founder of Sunhouse and the future of drumming technology ‘Sensory Percussion’ – a modern take on electronic drums that captures the true expressive nature of drumming.

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Along the journey, Tlacael has danced with fear, doubt, and a battle that seemed impossible to stand. With weapons of intense persistence and vision, he can now proudly pump his fists knowing that his brain-child is alive..and changing the future of drumming.

This episode is a remarkable take on the process of taking this futuristic product from idea to creation. It is one big bundle of awesomeness.




Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I will hook up the pavement to sounds and make  him scare himself with his own percussive madness on the streets.”


  • Musicians should not be hampered by technology in the creative process.
  • Setting unattainable goals and then failing and working through them was (sic) our process. We get noticed for our successes, but every single one of them is built on the back of multiple failures.

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  • 4:55: Tlacaelis a drummer who came up with Sensory Percussion, a combination of software and hardware technology that allows the player maximum versatility with sound, tempo, pitch and a host of digital audio effects. Listen as he explains how Sensory Percussion can basically adapt to the nuances required by the musician.
  • 9:05: Listen to how Tlacael conceptualized Sensory Percussion. He has an impressive background in music. He has tried the new acoustic instruments available in the market that exposed the limitations of the drum. The available acoustic drums were just too clunky. This was when he realized that there was an opportunity after finishing his degree in NYU to work on delivering the promise of the 21st century to electronic drums
  • 14:27: Sometimes hating a job can bring a lot of good changes. Tlacael’s brother hated his job and worked with Tlacael to develop the perfect combination of the acoustic and electronic drum. Listen to Tlacael’s as he tells his thoughts in the 2 years that he worked on this project. Just imagine an artist working on the perfect sound and you will have an idea of how the 2 years went for Tlacael.
  • 16:05: So how did Tlacael get the project to progress on time? Tlacael talks about setting goals and expectations and deadlines to make this dream drum a reality. Listen to him as he talks about the start up programs he joined to get this project on track.  He has a heartwarming story of how it was to join a program and come unprepared and how it became the pivotal point that lit a fire in him.
  • 20:21: What is harder? Is it to start something or to keep going after starting something? Tlacael says it is starting that is really difficult. But he tells an inspiring story about how once they have started, going on just came naturally. Listen to the part when he tells about actually searching in Google for the help they needed with the hardware!
  • 25:17: How do you get people to try out Sensory Perception so you can get feedback? It is great to have friends who can give feedback but Tlacael has an edge on feedback because he is a musician and he knew what he wanted in music! Listen to how he talks about the artists who have tried Sensory Perception and his amazing outlook on how he hopes this creation can draw out the artistry of fellow artists.
  • 31:34: Apparently it takes a marriage date to finally get Tlacael to actually come up with something that showed definite results because the KickStarter came 2 days before his wedding. Tlacael’s target market was the professional musician and he talks about preparing for the launch date through friends who were professional musicians. He talks about scrambling to get press for Sensory Percussion and the importance of getting the word out.
  • 42:21: Tlacael started out playing jazz and he tells how he had to unlearn jazz to be a better acoustic drummer. This guy just loves drumming and his love for this art just overflows when he talks about it.
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