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Paul Kemp is the mack-daddy of the app and podcasting world.  If there was a Michael Jackson of Europe, it would undoubtedly be Paul.  Connected to me by the wonderful Amber Ludwig before I started this show, Paul has been my go-to mentor for anything and everything.  He also taught me that “suspenders” in the UK aren’t quite like “suspenders” in the US.  Google it if you don’t believe me J

Paul has a traditional background of corporate America, and is super inspiring because of his story giving up his six-figure job to create the life he loves.

Now, he has dominated over 80 native apps for himself and clients, is the founder of, the creator of ‘The App Guy’ podcast where he interviews celebrity millionaires, authors, app developers and start-up entrepreneurs, and the host of The Entrepreneur Dad podcast which provides stories of parents who also seek a lifestyle of online digital nomads.

I am elated to present to you again, my Mastermind friend who remains down-to-earth despite his success – Paul Kemp!

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Paul:

  • 08:50 : A discussion on how people are tempted to copy those who are successful and why we should opt to find our own journey and style,
  • 10:26 : Feeling a void during his time in the corporate life and how he transitioned from being a salaried employee to his amazing platforms to pursue his calling,
  • 19:24 : The wonderful experience of being in an entrepreneurial team and how his happiness had declined when his previous company had grown as he was swamped into the corporate culture,
  • 21:02 : His experiences during the time that he was doing odd jobs including being injured from falling from a roof,
  • 23:45 : How he got started in Internet Marketing, how he moved to making apps, and finally finding his niche in podcasting,
  • 29:24 : The most valuable takeaways he had from all the episodes he had recorded and some of his most memorable favorites,
  • 34: 35 : The most effective thing he has done in growing his podcast and some of his influencers in pushing him to just get things done,
  • 39:40 : Sharing details about some of the apps he built, their successes so far, his exit strategies to monetize them further, and basically just the fun you can do with apps as a solopreneur, and
  • 53:40 : Our thoughts about the negativity of the radio and the television and all its FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and how his love affair with podcasting started and how it changed his life.


To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would talk him to death. I would get a microphone, interview people and would play enough episodes to overwhelm and confuse him until he shrivels up into a ball of complete mess from having his head explode with my awesome content.”


  • Find your own feet and have the confidence to go out and do it because that is your journey. And the journey is much important than your end goal as it changes us so much along the way.
  • We have to redefine what success is. If it’s all about getting stuff, then you will be in a never-ending treadmill because you will never be happy. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you’ll own in the world, there will always be emptiness.
  • It’s just a case of doing it well and perfecting the skill. You just get better and better. Just get the thing done and get it out there.
  • If you don’t open your eyes and look around you, you will just walk through life aimlessly, just buying stuff and not having any direction.
  • If you’re stuck in a job where you are not pursuing your creative calling then there is only one thing to do: go ahead and take the plunge.Change your consumer behavior, stop buying things you don’t need because ultimately, everything you buy is keeping you in that job that is not right for you.Start making small changes now and work towards that end date.

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