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Our Artrepreneur Now is singer / songwriter Naomi Psalm who released her 4th CD in May of 2011, two singles in 2012 and 2013, and completed two music videos. Naomi won top vocalist for the 2012 Ladylake Indie Awards and is here to share to her experiences in being a music traveller and her battle with self-doubt.

Naomi has an insanely powerful story about being told she wasn’t good enough and then turning around and using that feedback to light her fire inside.  J

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Naomi:

  • 05:13 : Growing up in a hippie household, creating poetry at the age of 8, playing the guitar at 13, and how her mom helped her get out of her comfort zone,
  • 09:31 : Traveling to numerous countries in a medical ship at the age of 19 after dropping her whole life only to be put down as someone who can never be a lead singer,
  • 13: 37 : The favorite places she had been and how she was able to relate to the Norwegian lifestyle,
  • 15:03 : How negative criticism drove her to fight back and to succeed on what she is passionate about,
  • 18:23 : Our discussion on the current state of the music industry, the power of the internet and how it can help you grow your fan base and your community to get your art out there,
  • 21:50 : Her personal battles with self-doubt and the lessons she learned from her past to get to where she is right now, and
  • 28:10 : What the best part of the music industry for her and about her current endeavors such as her tours and her records.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would choose Brandi Carlile and would write a heart wrenching song with her.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I’ll play my guitar and serenade him to sleep. Once he’s asleep, I’ll climb over him and run away.”


  • Even if it’s hate mail or if they are posting something in your social media site, they are doing you a favor as they are exposing you to more people.
  • Create something new tod Feel alive inside.
  • Creating a community is all about engaging them and having more two-way conversations rather than just trying to plug your stuff.

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