2014 was insanity. I molded myself into a new person, which came along with life changes that I never thought possible. The backbone of it all: commitment. I committed to myself. I recognized the commonality of life passing us by at lighting speeds, and I realized that I was falling in line with most others, only accepting my situation- not creating it.

I was sick of feeling sorry for myself and my situation. I was done blowing all my money on material items and alcohol just to cover up my real problems. Although my drive and will to succeed have always been high, I’ve never really implemented them.

So, last year, I picked out a few things that I thought weren’t possible, and I made them possible. I was afraid of running, so I set a goal to run 200 miles. I ran 247.3 total miles, (and that was starting in April due to a broken hand in February). I was afraid of public speaking and networking with strangers, so I started a podcast. In six months, the podcast boosted my network from 0 to champion. My friends extended from childhood and college buddies to super successful and brilliant entrepreneurs changing the world. With the new network comes an incredible opportunity for self education, success studies, and building mad skillzzz that I once thought were impossible to obtain. It’s all about listening, absorbing, and then teaching to others. There is value in every conversation, no matter who it is with.

And of course, none of the running or podcasting would have been possible without the implementation of The Miracle Morning into my daily routine. I remember thinking how nice it would be to wake up and exercise before 6 am like it was some impossible task that would never be achieved. Hal Elrod took that fear out of me and took a big dump on it. 🙂 His morning routine not only helped me build a habit to wake up and exercise, but it also set the stage to help me implement reading, writing, meditation and daily goal planning before I would have normally been awake. It’s been nothing but fist pumps ever since. Well, kinda.

It wasn’t all ice cream and spring break tits. Because of the immediate and massive lifestyle change, I think I triggered an excitement gene that I had never felt before. I started losing focus on what was making a difference, and I began to create a schedule and routine for myself that was far from healthy. I signed myself up for school to learn mobile application development with iOS, and I even started a company in attempt to launch some of the projects. I also began to pile up some bills in relation to podcasting programs, mobile application software, business development and other internet shenanigans, and I wasn’t making money in return. The stress came back bigger than ever, and I lost my life in a big whirlwind of my 8-10 hour a day ‘career’ job and the 15 other projects I was trying to keep track of on the side. I was working 90 hours/week and neglecting my real life.

There was a moment of reflection and doubt, and then I made another huge decision. I’m not going to let stress win.

Broke as a baby momma with twelve kids and zero daddies in North Memphis, TN, I decided to sacrifice my leisure life and money blowing rampages in exchange for a coach. If I want to work from my laptop, travel the world, and make a difference where it counts, I better start studying those who are doing just that.

Incredible decision.

Not only does having a mentor or coach show you that it is possible, but it brings fresh ideas and accountability to every situation and goal. I have always been bad about seeing just my own point of view, and having a mentor really opened up my world like a library. There is value in everything if you learn to dance with it.

So, one of the first things my Coach (Jacqueline du Plessis – she’s gold by the way 😉 ) noticed was my explorer personality and the uphill battle I was fighting with a billion different projects. So, she made me choose. It was sort of like the matrix, but a little more intense. I am not good at giving things up.

I’ve spent a few months now on self examination and the bright path to clarity, and I’ve finally accepted my shortcomings and ‘failed’ projects with a wink and a smile just in time for the New Year! Wahoo!

SO! What is next??

Focus! Vision to Reality! Domination of all kinds!

World travel! Minimizing! Automation! Debt Annihilation! Value! SO MUCH VALUE!

I’ve set my resolutions for the year, and I’ll be bringing everything I learn and implement straight to you! I’m going to teach you everything I do throughout 2015, and I’m starting with my goal of eliminating 15k in debt from school and other loans.

Stay tuned for awesomeness. I love you world.

Ps- if you haven’t listened to one of the latest episodes with photographer David Esquire and his experience with google glass, I highly suggest it. That dude is awesome.

What are you goals this year? I’ll be bringing the heat soon.  Let me know in the comments, or email me at [email protected]

Word to ya motha.

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