I set a timer. The ‘howler‘ timer to be exact. 30 minutes of free creativity through brain dumping all over this Evernote document. I’ve been reading about resistance and our struggle as humans to battle it throughout life. It is the enemy. Resistance gets us nowhere, right?

Upon starting my timer, Lindsay gave me a spark of influence to book my trip to the World Domination Summit in Portland in July.  With zero money saved up for travel due to our Thailand trip in May, it felt right to immediately book the 500$ ticket and start pursuing plane flights through reward points. This was an immediate distraction from my 30 minutes of writing, but I felt like my inner consciousness was postponing my writing for a reason. About 10 minutes into my travel hacking endeavors, Lindsay screamed like Jim Carey had just ripped out her heart and paper bagged it for her.


My immediate thought was the washer overflowed a little (because it has shorted out before.)

Yep, it overflowed alright.  I was losing it.

Two to three inches of standing water throughout 3/4’s of the basement. How long had this been going on? When did she start the washer cycle? We were meditating, reading, writing, playing music.. and the washer was having a Niagra Falls party all over my recently finished basement.

Just as we were in a shotgun position to finish up our highly productive morning and take a run before our brunch, the resistance gremlin took on a physical form, ready to penetrate us from all angles.

If I hadn’t been reading so much about resistance lately, I would have lost my mind and initiated my usual physical and mental rage. My temper would have skyrocketed and made the situation worse. I would have completely lost all confidence in the day, and the week would  have turned into massive turmoil boiling in a big pile of donkey poo.

So that is how it started. I decided to start losing it. I freaked out. I panicked.

But then, something relaxing happened. I fought back. I realized I was letting the Gremlin get the best of me, and I decided that it was actually quite hilarious how he planned his tactics for our little war.

I’m finally starting to understand.

Just when I was feeling awesome, ready to dominate and most certainly wearing my champion hat due to my clutch ticket purchase to the WDS Summit, he came and took a steamy dump all over my house.

He put his fist up my ass to see if my motivation could be juggled, distracted, and lost. He aimed to destroy my hope for the day. He targeted to completely halt my intellect, my passion, my insight, and my goals.

He did this because my energy was steamrolling him.  I was dominating resistance all morning.  I was accomplishing magic and setting a productive pace for the day – a masterpiece.

No matter how much awesomeness we cook up in life, we will always face adversity tattooed on the forehead of the resistance gremlin. It is our ability to recognize when this is happening and react to turn the situation around that puts the victory in our corner. We must push back harder than the forces against us.

Victory is mine today.

I smiled.

It really is like a big game. It’s a constant attack on the best of us. How do you handle something that is trying to destroy your life and make you captive to the fundamental structural world?

You believe. You smile. You fist pump. When resistance takes a poop on your basement floor, you put it in a brown bag and light it on his doorstep. I’ll see your epic stool and raise you porta-potty full.


It’s not about the awful events that take place, it’s about how we react to them. What can be done to turn them these situations into wins? What can be done to add the stripe to your belt and use them to your advantage?

I listened to an almost therapeutic meditation from Kim Nicol this morning on “balancing.” It’s funny how her message helped me win today’s war.

He tried to dismember our morning and leave us face down, pants down in the bushes, but we ended up recognizing his strategy and capitalizing with balance.

Because of the flooding, our basement floor is now sparkly clean. The 8 random boxes of junk that were sitting on the floor that we’d been “meaning to get rid of,” – yea, they are garbo.

The sectional couch that had holes in the back and generally just looked bad and took up excessive room for no reason: it’s now modified into a smaller version without holes, and cleared up a huge new open space in the basement.  The ripped, nasty and waterlogged piece is now resting on the curb in front of our house.

I fell off track with my 50 day Minimalist challenge for a few days, and now I’m right back on the train.

I’d been meaning to buy a de-humidifier for our basement for a while.  Check that off the list.

Oh Yea! You know that writer’s block I was having about two hours ago? You just read the solution.

Well played you silly resistance gremlins, but the joke is on you.  My productivity just quadrupled today.

Game. Blouses.


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