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“It takes time to learn how to strengthen attention, so do it without expectation or attachment to results and just accept the way things are.”

Molly Knight Forde’s outlook on life is simply breathtaking. She is nothing short of masterful when it comes to analyzing the world through awareness and mindset. Not only does she make insides melt with her intricate and soothing piano melodies, Molly sparks motivation and meaning into every conversation she engages. She’s also a muse, motivational coach, public speaker, muse, meditation mentor and the founder of The Awareness School. 

She found meditation and practical awareness under the guidance of Master Teachers from various schools of transformation,and she has experiences in Zazen, Irano Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga,and the Gurdjieff Work.

I had a blast discussing the power of mindfulness in advancing talents, such as playing the piano, and everyday mindfulness techniques to take your consciousness and happiness to a level most don’t even know exists. Master the art of choice and co-create your destiny!

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Molly:

  • 09:20 :Molly’s journey so far: growing up in a dysfunctional family in the deep South, learning to play the piano unintentionally after getting in trouble at 13, giving her first solo piano recital at 16, living in Paris for 8 years where she first opened up to yoga and meditation, moving back to Seattle with two kids in tow and being introduced to whole new kind of art which turn her world from black and white into color,
  • 20:29 : The importance of meditations in terms of developing your productivity and anxiety levels, the different ways to practice mindfulness and the challenges when starting out,
  • 25:00 : Mindfulness techniques to develop your awareness such as having an external cue and pausing after an activity,
  • 34:11 : How her life changed after she practiced mindfulness and how she started and maintained her rhythm,
  • 43:32 : How vision boards and declaring things can train your brain and make things happen;decluttering and the distractions technology can bring,
  • 49:45 : About the Awareness School, her in-person and online mentoring services and their big plans for their retreats, and
  • 55:29 : Her advice for musicians who are looking at tackling the music world.


To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will take Godzilla head on. I will take the monster right in front of me and with no fear, with zen force and with samurai strength, defeat the foe.”


  • On meditation: It takes time to learn how to strengthen attention, so do it without expectation or attachment to results and just accept the way things are.
  • On anger: On the inside, sit within and watch it a bit. You will learn more than trying to suppress it.
  • In stillness is when we really put a drop in our bucket of consciousness. And as that bucket fills up, you get stronger and stronger and as you get stronger, things can really change in a permanent basis. And that’s where we really want to be.
  • We have a choice. We can directly choose and co-create our destiny instead of being victims to fate.
  • Take action and take risks. You will realize it’s not that big of a deal once you’ve taken the risk to conquer that fear of the unknown. Once you get in there and do it, you will see that you have nothing to be afraid of.

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