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Melissa Krivachek is a baller, and she’s teaching us exactly how she does it. She’s a two-time international best-selling author of“Be Ballsy! How Not To Suck At Love, Success, & Happiness” and “Be A Baller! The Blueprint To Have It All”, a speaker, a coach to entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and the founder of Briella Aarion.

Melissa is a brilliant mind and was selected as a Top Ranked U.S. Executive by the National Council of American Executives in 2014. She’s also been featured on hundreds of news/media outlets, on the cover of multiple magazines, and now lands on this figgity funky show that I’ve been so proud to create and host. She is currently on the BOLD! book tour featuring Les Brown and other great authors.

I admire Melissa for her direct, bold attitude and vision, and I’m super pumped to share this interview with you 😉

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Melissa:

  • 04:53 : Using her creative marketing techniques to impact people and letting them know that they have a purpose, how she utilizes the power of social media to let the world know who she is and servicing customers in seven countries in her own home,
  • 06:20 : Her transition from having five maxed out credit cards, spending days in jail for speeding, getting fired from her job, having her car and house repossessed – basically in rock bottom –to becoming an international author and gaining all her accolades and success,
  • 12:21 : Writing her first book, “Be Ballsy! How Not To Suck At Love, Success, & Happiness” and the principles she covered in her book,
  • 17:21 : Sharing some of her fears of being 26 years old in the world of coaching and about her upcoming trip where she will be stepping out of her comfort zone,
  • 21:44 : How she pushes in being proactive in getting herself known rather than waiting for people to come to her and the process she went through in getting media when she became a best selling author and why you should do the same, and
  • 23:20 : How she became a best selling author and what it took to get there.


One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would choose Einstein as he is one of the most brilliant minds ever.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I would use a conversation to distract him from what is happening at that moment and use my innate ability to connect with people to make them do what I want.”


  • The things that you need to focus on are passion, charisma and building your self-confidence. You will not be able to approach the right people, find quality clients or land big deals if you do not have these.
  • The important thing about doing a blog post, a YouTube video or everything else is to forget perfection as it doesn’t exist. Get your message out there in the quickest, easiest, simpliestway possible.
  • You are not going to have success overnight. The most important part is to implement small daily habits consistently over time so you can see results.

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