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Last fall I was working around my house when I saw a late-night special on the tube with a sculpture that was blowing my mind with his talent. Luckily, it showed he was in Louisville KY which immediately gave me a spark to reach out and see if I could get him on this show.

I’ve always been fascinated with the arts, but sculpting in particular really fascinates me.

After a few months, Matt reached back out and we were able to collaborate on this episode. It’s hilarious how small the world is, because just a few minutes into our conversation, I realized that Matt had traveled to Costa Rica with Lindsay’s parents (my gf).

How insane is that??

Anyway, Matt’s talents are astonishing and highly praised. I don’t really have to say much about him..just look at his work..

We talk processes, techniques, evolution, pushing away from the religion and parent mold, and keeping focus on creating.


Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would make a nice, well-crafted female Godzilla to distract him and I would sneak around him when he goes for the female Godzilla”


  • Art making is great but artists also make waste not just in great sculpture but also in bad sculpture. All of it is essentially our footprint.
  • I think about materials as an author might about words, sentences,chapters of a bookand characters in a story. The more I diversify, the more languages I speak, the more I can compose a concept to the most diverse audience.
  • Science is a profound thing and a lot of people don’t know about it. If they did, lots of things in the world would change.
  • Self-sustainability is death. If you are not working with a community, you will have no connections to the world around you and so you are dead. It’s a terrible state.
  • Create like a god, command like a king and work like a slave. –Constantin Brâncuși

Interview Links



  • 08:53 :A rundown of his sculptural development from his childhood in Louisville to learning how stuff work using random tools, materials and practices,
  • 17:46 : His struggles as an artist trying to make a living including finding his confidence, self-doubt, social pressure and aspects of spirituality,
  • 25:46 : How he thrived as a sculpture major in college despite being in a defunct department in the university he was enrolled in and how it was working for local artists at the same time,
  • 30:31 : How working for different artists and studying evolution molded his diversity and paved his way into enlightenment and finding answers to his soul questions,
  • 35:14 : Insights on how his fixation with his ‘God concept’ influences the format of his sculptures from the anthropomorphic form and personification, and how this enlightenment profoundly affected his artistic expressions,
  • 44:08 : Tips for those who want to start venturing into sculpting, from visiting art shows and apprenticing as well as the challenges that you may meet as a sculptor,
  • 51:10 : Materials which you can use to create different varieties of sculptures such as plaster, and oil and water clay, and what media works well for him,
  • 59:40 : Why self-sustainability is not such a good concept as an artist and the value you can get out of being in a community, and
  • 1:11:42 :The major piece he made for Bernheim and about the commissioning of a musician to create a song about the piece.
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