What does simple feel like?

The expression is light, and it seems uncomplicated, but there is no doubt that the heaviest barricades in the world litter it’s path.

Heavy situations. Heavy thoughts. Heavy emotions. Heavy worries. Heavy fights. Heavy stress. Heavy distractions. Heavy minds. Heavy hearts. Heavy lives.

I do believe we can simply live and co-exist with heavy things, but this is not the goal.

To overcome the weight of distractions, and to truly feel light and free, you cannot just simply live.

You must live simply and be simply YOU.

I sit with a sense of determination and reason. I’m aiming for the ultimate high through a portal of floor level attachments in a house that once hosted many great walls of distress and madness.

I’m glad I’ve cleared my dwelling.

I’m in love with the new order.

I have learned so much.

To ground yourself, you must truly disconnect from materials and situations that are idolized by the masses.

Possessions are not trophies or dreams.

What if you could cherish your productivity, focus, and mindset and function from the core elements of natural life?

Hidden deep beneath your puddles of conscious and subconscious lust, jealousy, envy, and procrastination, you will find a stream that guides you to an ocean of clarity, awareness and meaning.

It’s pure.

Take a moment to place your hand over your heart.

Focus on your beautiful breath.

Love with all of your ability.

Love from your head to your toes, from the sky to the core of the earth.

Notice every space.

Notice the magic required for your precious mind and body to dance together in harmony.

In this moment, try to reflect on the sheer idea and principle of your life in existence. Try to comprehend your place in this miracle.

I don’t think there is a word or adjective that can describe how lucky we are to be here.

Maybe you feel alone, or maybe you feel within something much greater than yourself.

I have no doubt you are not alone.

I am here.

You and me.

You have a force inside of you capable of shifting the energy of the entire world.

You have a voice inside of you loaded with confidence, security, and precision- all weapons of ongoing creation.

This voice is OF you.

It’s your pure voice.

It’s simple.

It’s direct.

It’s on a mission to smile.

It’s a transition from ‘God Money I’ll do anything for you’ to a symphony of creation, love, and meaning.

It’s a treasure map to bring your vision to reality.

It’s a golden ticket to the land of understanding.

It’s YOU, through and through.

When you were born, you were pure and 100% unique.

But, like anything else, your shell was destroyed by normality and ‘reality.’

As an infant, life is as you choose to perceive it, but you eventually grow into the power of your influences and surroundings.

You become them, and they become you.

They are more developed. They have the advantage.

You begin to dress in the luggage of others.

The awareness that was once your choice is now stapled to your forehead by textbooks, organized religions, breaking news, and forceful education.

Your position and situation in the world begins to just “happen” as allowed and you become the product of everyone else.

Heavy things fall down on you, and you absorb and accept them. You become a function of them.

Very rarely is this a simple, happy product.

Some people play dress-up forever, but you don’t have to.

You know those times when your mind is conversing like two separate beings?

Yes, it really is.

Your muse and your heart never stop fighting for you, and these conversations are their way of winning your attention.

When your inner voice presents questions, possibilities, and visions, you need to pay attention to these alarms.

They are the purest form of you.

No dress up. No fear.

The guidance will help you break through the shell of clutter, distraction, and “reason” and lead you to a path of absolute happiness and meaning.

Imagine a simple life of pure, unfiltered love.

Why is it that society teaches us to label a stress-free life of happiness, true love, contentment, and clarity as unrealistic…

..or as dreams

..or as wishes

..or as impossible

..or as fairytales?

We were all born with the purest right to happiness, and they want us to think we are crazy for believing in it.

They want us to believe we are crazy for loving, smiling, and maximizing the beauty and miracle of life.

I’m here to tell you that you are not crazy.

WE are not crazy.

When you are simple, you are magical.

You are magnificent.

You are sumptuous.

You are beautiful.

You are brilliant.

Your vision is triumphant when all others are blind.

All of those dreams, wishes, and fairytales are real, and if you follow and believe in them, the key to happiness is yours.

They represent you and the magic of creation in it’s purest and SIMPLEST form.

The seed of life.

It is your birthright. It is your superpower.

You never lost it- it has just been covered by those heavy things.

So- break through the chains of your influences and distractions, and utilize your ability to live simply and be simply you.

You are now focused, precise, and meaningful.

You are the purest form of you – the miracle you were presented to this world as.

It’s never too late to utilize the magic of your birth.

Be simple. Be you.

Love simple. Love you.


Share this with someone in need. Let them know you care and that they aren’t so crazy after all.

I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll take them all to my heart, and I’ll reply with gratitude.


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