St. Paddy’s Day is For the Fist-Pumping Creatives Only….!

HIDEY HO! What’s going on? What are ya making? How’s your weekend? Are you fist pumping???

You better be.  Pants down? Pants up? Either way.. you are surely a champion. Superstar. Whatever color Power Ranger you want to be.. boom.

If I were there with you, I’d totally hug you… in a completely nonchalant way. Well, maybe a little sentiment. Everyone needs a little sentiment.

I’m making it a priority to celebrate my Irish heritage by consuming unhealthy but delicious amounts of Guinness and Jameson this weekend. Sometimes we just have to let our wild child go outside and play! Ain’t no shame in the game, babes and bros.

Here is to YOUR pot of gold! 🙂  Success is on the other side of your colorful journey. Keep at your creativity and you will truly discover the life you dream about.

I see so many people struggling through life like it’s a lottery, hoping for a big payout from some small external investment. Then, they blow their earnings on materialistic junk and substances to numb “reality.” I’ve been guilty. What people don’t understand is that the winning lottery ticket is already within them.  It’s in everyone, without question.  If you consistently invest in yourself, and you take some risks out of your comfort zone, you WILL create that dream life you always thought was impossible.  If you have a vision and you follow it, there is only one outcome. 🙂

That pot of gold is yours for the taking.  Yummy.

2015 TO 15K UPDATE

At the beginning of this year, my big resolution was to save $15k throughout the year so I can pay off all my debt and fist pump as a financial champion.  I’m proud to say I’m officially 1/3 of the way to my goal! To date this year, I’ve been able to save $5,498! Only $9,502 to go!

The crazy thing is, this isn’t extra money I’m bringing in.  I’m also strapped pretty tight with my income vs. bills.  I’m literally saving money in all the places I never thought about before: impulse buys, entertaining events, bulk discounts and more.  It’s crazy.  As always, you can continually check my status on this goal here: 2015 to $15k


I sent a post out a few weeks back asking your assistance on the experience of making money through creativity online, and I really appreciate the collaboration from so many of you!  I’m currently working on getting all the information in order for a big-time blogpost.  I think you will be more excited than a naked leprechaun with a pot of gold and a guinness. That’s pretty hard to top. No pun intended.

If you have missed out last time and you want to contribute to the post, please shoot me an email and we can collaborate like the BALLERS we are.


I accepted a new challenge to bring on an artist or creative entrepreneur from EVERY COUNTRY to the show. 😉

I accepted the challenge because I’m an explorer and I LOVE new adventures. The world is my passion, and I plan on uniting as much awesomeness as possible throughout my journey.

If you know of any artists or creative entrepreneurs you admire or would like to hear on the show, please shoot me their contact info and/or name and the country they are in.  I’m going to be tracking the progress online and can’t wait to kickstart the worldly shenanigans!


Recently I published a blog on how  Weird People Change the World and I am completely humbled with the response I’ve gotten from you. It makes me feel good to know that others experience the same struggles.  We are definitely all in this, together.

If you haven’t checked out some of my other recent posts, you can do so here:


This past Monday I was on the People Who Matter show with Harley Eblen. If you want to here my story…including my battle with insecurity and confidence growing up.. I highly suggest you check out this episode.  I don’t have a chance to talk about my story much on The Artrepreneur Now podcast, but this one really dives into me and my journey.  It was actually quite therapeutic to be on Harley’s show because he asks questions that are so deep and personal. He’s just one happening, awesome dude.  He’s a super cool interviewer too! Check it out!

iTunes Link:




Everytime I get the chance to have a conversation with my guests, my mind is truly blown.  I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to connect and learn from awesome creative people all over the world.  The best way to improve ourselves is to study others who are doing amazing things.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the recent episodes, you absolutely should ASAP.

If you don’t, you might end up pooping your pants in bed tonight.  Just saying.


73: How to Master the Art of Choice Through Mindfulness and Piano with Molly Knight Forde 

“It takes time to learn how to strengthen attention, so do it without expectation or attachment to results and just accept the way things are.”

Molly Knight Forde’s outlook on life is simply breathtaking. She is nothing short of masterful when it comes to analyzing the world through awareness and mindset. Not only does she make insides melt with her intricate and soothing piano melodies, Molly sparks motivation and meaning into every conversation she engages. She’s also a muse, motivational coach, public speaker, muse, meditation mentor and the founder of The Awareness School.

She found meditation and practical awareness under the guidance of Master Teachers from various schools of transformation,and she has experiences in Zazen, Irano Egyptian Yoga, Hatha Yoga,and the Gurdjieff Work.

I had a blast discussing the power of mindfulness in advancing talents, such as playing the piano, and everyday mindfulness techniques to take your consciousness and happiness to a level most don’t even know exists. Master the art of choice and co-create your destiny!

74: Timeshock! I Want My Life Back with Tim Lewis

So you want to self publish but don’t know how? Well, you are just one big lucky ducky today. Tim Lewis did too, and he re-created himself to figure it out! He is the founder of Stoneham Press Ltd, a London-based company formed to publish books and provide services and tools to self-published authors to allow them to publish, market and manage their publications more successfully.

Nothing is every easy, and tragedy happens everyday when it’s least expected, creating gigantic roadblocks for big visions, dreams, goals and lifestyles. In this episode, Tim shares his journey through life and his experience of living through the tragedy of losing his wife. The hard reality shift repositioned the way Tim looked at the world, and his vision was never the same again. He took initiative to leave his corporate job and create the life he loves, and he’s doing it with the intent to help others along the way.

75: Breaking the Cycle of the Sex Trade Through Creativity with Kristin Keen of Rethreaded

Kristin Keen is a champion when it comes to changing the world and playing a role in a part much bigger than humanity. After moving to India, she witnessed the horrors and reality of the sex trade, and she took it into her own hands to bring light to the darkness.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Rethreaded, a non-profit organization that sells goods made by women who have found freedom from the sex trade. Products include beautiful hand-sewn blankets, pillow cases, and scarves made from Indian saris; wool purses and tote bags from Bolivia, handmade journals and cards, and a range of unique, one-of-a-kind creations made from recycled t-shirts.

Kristin is doing amazing work in contributing to the society and in bringing permanent change in the lives of women. Globally, Rethreaded has positively impacted the lives of over 2,200 women.

76: Curating Microsoft’s First Art Collection & More with Michael Klein 

From the cores of childhood creativity to curating Microsoft’s first art collection, Michael Klein has earned his place amongst the world’s top creative. He turned a small fascination for art into a lifelong journey of creative accomplishments, including writing, lecturing, art educating, curating, artist advocacy and building the foundation for the Michael Klein Gallery.

As a student, Michael challenged himself to create opportunities that didn’t exist, and through his persistence and will to try anything, he was able to dominate his fears and achieve goals that once seemed surreal.

This interview is super stellar, so don’t miss it. Michael is truly a master.
77: The Glass Child: The Mysterious Pursuit of a Musical Dream with Charlotte Eriksson 

Charlotte is different. She uses her head for thinking on a much larger scale than most, and she relentlessly pursues the beauty of her creativity in a world that seems to appear as a dark canvas to the average challenger. Fear..doubt..??  Nah… atleast you’d never know it. She has an extremely likable and mysterious shadow attached to her character, wrapped with the charisma of the world’s most inspirational youth. Her voice and musical talent could save lives.

The Glass Child left everything she had at 18 years old to move to London and dedicate her life to her music and art. She started her own record label, Broken Glass Records, released 5 EPs, released her critically acclaimed debut full-length ‘I’d Like To Remain A Mystery’ in February 2013, had her single ”I Will Lead You Home” reaching #2 on the Swedish iTunes chart. She has lived on the streets and friend’s couches, and even organized a music tour around Europe hosted in the homes of her fans. She independently published her first book “Empty Roads and Broken Bottles: In search for The Great Perhaps” and was named Breakthrough Indie Artist Of The Year by Lemonade Magazine.

You will love her.



As you know, I’ve been really diving into simplifying life and minimalism.  I’m working on a post about my process, including pictures of EVERYTHING I’ve managed to get rid of. It’s unbelievably gratifying.  I was on a call earlier today with Kelsie Manning, a true champion, and I was trying to put my experience of simplifying into words.. and I wasn’t doing a good job.  It’s super hard to explain, but I hope the blog post will be able to paint the picture for you.

My 7 Day Startup Experience with creating and launching – I will be teaching everyone how I used Dan Norris and his book The 7 Day Startup to launch my own side project 😉  On the website, there will also be tutorials with EVERY PROCESS AND TECHNIQUE I USE when creating websites, podcasts and anything/everything in between. If you have any requests, please hit me up at [email protected] – Not only do I get PUMPED to connect and answer questions, I’m also so intrigued just to meet you.

If you want to chat with me on Skype about your projects, I’d totally love to connect and help in anyway possible!  🙂  My skype name is Radioheadps  – add me and hit me up sometime!

Let me know! Fist Pump! Run around with your pants down!  Don’t poop the bed tonight, champion.

PS – Share this with your friends on the giant interwebs and I’ll make sure there is no stinky stink in your bed tonight.

PSS Do you like these bi-weekly wrap ups? What has been your favorite podcast episode yet?? What is your favorite creative influence right now? I’d love to know, so let your mind melt into the comments!  Don’t be a square, yo.


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