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Lara Loest gets it. She decided to make the leap from the traditional 9-5 after discovering the magic inside “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” After working with podcasts, Lara founded Show Notes Made Easy, allowing her to apply her talents from remote locations, on her own schedule. She is a successful entrepreneur, writer, and trainer. She has run several businesses of her own and thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Lara:

  • 05:03 : Her educational background, starting off her career in working in an ad agency, how her life changed when she picked up the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and how it prompted her entrepreneurial journey,
  • 07:13 : How she started writing show notes for podcasts and how she grew her clientele,
  • 09:07 :The systems and processes she has in place in managing her task list and the tweaks she does to make things work for each podcaster,
  • 13:14 :Weighing pros and cons between WordPress and Squarespace,
  • 15:51 :Her short and long term goals for the company in line with the future of podcasts, and
  • 18:53 : What her typical day looks like including meditating and keeping her life in perspective by finding things to be grateful for.


One hour to create something, with anyone…

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I’ll have my podcasters talk about ways of defeating Godzilla, write show notes for that and then broadcast it everywhere so we can arm everybody  to get ready to defeat him.”


  • I like to get market feedback on the product before creating another. I want to give the market what it wants when it tells me what it wants.

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