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There is magic in everyone, and Kyle Scott is absolutely putting his to use. Connected to me via Kristin Keen of Rethreaded, he’s contributing his life to causes much larger than himself.

In this episode, we dive into Kyle’s transition from Indiana to India and his experience with the world changing Sari Bari. Through alternative employment, Sari Bari is committed to helping victims of the sex trade discover new opportunity away from the dark world they know. Working with Sari Bari inspired Kyle to create an album under the name ‘Kamal’ which was given to him by the women of Sari Bari.

I love Kyle’s description of the process, so I only feel it is necessary to share it here:

95_quote1_somed“I began writing some of these songs over five years ago in India. Because most of the music on this album was inspired by those in Kolkata who called me Kamal, it only felt natural to embrace the moniker musically. The name has become very dear to me, especially when spoken by the women of Sari Bari. Along with listening to the record, I would encourage you to take a moment and learn more about the incredible women who inspired much of the music at

“Strength of the Absurd” is a phrase I stumbled upon in Soren Kierkegarrd’s book Fear and Trembling. From the moment I read the phrase, I knew the words were right. They embodied a feeling, a stubbornness in me that I couldn’t put into words myself. There is a certain “foolishness” with which I see the present and look to the future. At the end of each day, I can’t help but rest my hat on the absurd. It is a paradigm I now cannot escape, a posture which has grown out my time alongside the women of Sari Bari.

In the face of tremendous courage and suffering, I sat down and penned some verses, songs that begged for something more and marveled at the strength of those who tirelessly believed in it. This music will forever remind me of the fact that the unknown and unseen, which haunted me in the past, are now the sinews that hold me together in the present. ”

Kyle…you are the dude, dude. Stream the full album now.

—> Download the FREE mp3 of “Blind” from Kyle’s album “Strength of the Absurd” here!  <—


Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I will play him a slow song and put him to sleep.”


  • Life has been a series of happenstances.
  • Experience is a catharsis; it is therapeutic.
  • Positivism can get you to your goal.
  • Believe in the impossible.
  • If you look at the enormity of the problem, it looks impossible. So look at the smaller picture and tackle just the smaller one.
  • There is a new frontier out there on the net; go out there and you can make anything happen with your artwork.

Interview Links


  • 14:50: The evolution of Kyle’s album being a five-year journey of searching for meaning, from his safe college life in the US, to Honduras, to India and back to the US,
  • 16:32: Why Kyle is thankful for the chance to visit India and how it has impacted his life, influenced his music and changed his view of what he could live with or without,
  • 24:45: About Sari Bari, a women’s center in India for victims of the flourishing global sex trade; and how his stint as its administrative and financial personnel provided him with indispensable experience that opened his eyes to how it is with the less privileged, the least empowered and the truly oppressed,
  • 31:54: How he humorously explains his ambivalent emotional response to the name given to him (Kamal, meaning “Lotus Flower” in Bengalese) by the women of Sari Bari and how he came to the decision to use it as his name for his album,
  • 39:27: The lucky break that came his way when he made a video of his album and placed it on Kickstarter,
  • 43:11: How Kyle demonstrates quite effectively in his album that experience is a catharsis and that it should not be a crippling thing and how he expresseshisadmiration, passion and respect for the women of Sari Bari through music and lyrics,
  • 45:22: A background on Kyle’s album title, “Strength of the Absurd”, why it is such an apt title for what Kyle wants to happen to people when they experience the paralysis of gut-wrenching problems, and his explanation on how he finds therapeutic value in being able to create music, and
  • 48:42: The abundance that is synonymous with America, the disorientation this can bring to anyone who has seen the poverty and oppression of people in other countries and about his future plans for his music and the freedom that he gets from it.

—> Download the FREE mp3 of “Blind” from Kyle’s album “Strength of the Absurd” here!  <—

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