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Kristin Keen is a champion when it comes to changing the world and playing a role in a part much bigger than humanity. After moving to India, she witnessed the horrors and reality of the sex trade, and she took it into her own hands to bring light to the darkness.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Rethreaded, a non-profit organization that sells goods made by women who have found freedom from the sex trade. Products include beautiful hand-sewn blankets, pillow cases, and scarves made from Indian saris; wool purses and tote bags from Bolivia, handmade journals and cards, and a range of unique, one-of-a-kind creations made from recycled t-shirts.

Kristin is doing amazing work in contributing to the society and in bringing permanent change in the lives of women. Globally, Rethreaded has positively impacted the lives of over 2,200 women.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Kristin:

  • 09:35 : How she began with her mission starting in the streets of Kolkata after her world was shook witnessing first-hand the evils happening in this red-light district, and putting up Sari Bari (now employing 100 people) together with her friend, Sarah Lance, to provide a safe haven for women who want to make a change,
  • 16:30 : How Sari Bari is organized and put up as a viable business to support women coming out from the trade,
  • 18:59 : The amount of commitment it takes, the cost you have to sacrifice and the things that you need to know if you are being stirred to create change abroad,
  • 20:37 : Lessons she learned and the things she could’ve done differently when she started this mission including learning the language and immersing in the culture,
  • 22:05 : Breaking the cycle locally through Rethreaded, how they won in the One Spark Festival, and how they are growing the business to support more women, and
  • 31:13 : Their long-term plans including recreating their store across the country to help as many people as much as they can.


One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I want to create something that creates such a demand for a product that we can hire whoever we need.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I would totally just charm him, make him laugh, and woo him with my charisma.”


  • If you want to see change, you’ve got to be in it for the long haul.
  • Learning a new skill and learning a new job promotes healing in the brain. Creativity heals.
  • Try to use all resources in your community as possible.

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