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 Currently Creating in:San Francisco, USA

Kiffanie Stahle is making the law fun again.  She is the ultra-inspiring and creative Founder of The Artist’s JD and Stahle Law where she helps creatives realize that the law isn’t a big scary Godzilla.  After college she adventured to National Parks all over the Western United States, utilizing her passion for photography and travel.

The Artist’s JD is dishing legal advice, tools and action plans to help your creative business grow and succeed.

Kiffanie is one of the COOLEST guests that I’ve ever connected with! 😉

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Kiffanie:

  • 05:08 : Her goal of breaking the mold and busting the lawyer stereotypes by empowering people and making them look at the law differently for their businesses to thrive,
  • 09:20 : Sharing her obsessions for pickling fruits, having a soft spot for vintage Law and Order and her background on being a wildlife biologist,
  • 11:45: Her adventures when she spent an entire summer touring the National Parks of the Western United States and how she quickly transitioned to being in the law school literally right after that,
  • 15:22 : Working for the California Lawyers for the Arts on her first year in law school, gaining exposure through that program and continuing on with her eyes fixed on her goal of opening up a law firm right after she graduated,
  • 20:10 : Creating The Artist’s JD platform and enjoying spreading the message,
  • 22:22: Being a big visualizer and a goal setter, and how visualization boards and baby steps can help you get to the goals you have set,
  • 28:07 : The most common problems that she helps artists on such as copy cats, contracts, LLCs and trademarks, and
  • 34:55: Her big plans for The Artist JD such as membership sites and incorporating community aspects around it to teach and empower the creative community about the law.


Creative Influences

  • Todd Henry – Author of the books Die Empty and The Accidental Creative

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I would have to outsmart Godzilla so I will trap him using a puzzle or a complicated trap.”


  • The legal aspects of your business are important and are the foundation of how you can create a successful and thriving business. Sticking your head in the stand and being an ostrich about them isn’t going to help you get ahead.

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