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Today is a bright day!

I am outrageously humbled to have connected with the brilliant and multi-talented Kent Sanders on the show, and we masterminded our way to two hours of struggles, victories, and incredible processes on how to make time for your creative side.

Kent and I put our champion hats on and combined topics of his powerful extended ebook ’How to Make Time for Your Art’ with our inner experiences on the subject, including the strategies and tools we use to accomplish extreme productivity, allowing us to spend more time with the therapy of creation.

Kent is a multi-creative, working in music, arts, writing and teaching, and he is very specific when it comes to drilling down to the needs of artists.

In this show, we dive into HUGE value by discussing 20+ ways to make time for creating in a two-part beastly episode.

As promised in the show, you can download your free 28 page ebook with all of our methods, tips, and tools discussed in the episodes here -> How to Make More Time For Creatitivities – 20+ Time Hacks, Productivity Tricks, Lifestyle Practices and More

This free guide was built as a basis of our combined input on the episode, and we broke each topic down and added actionable steps and tools that we both use to clear up more time for creating.

The ebook covers the following topics and more in detail:

  • Quit CreHating
  • Establishing an Alter – Ego
  • Awesome Friends
  • Life Lists
  • Time Longs
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Task Grouping
  • Distractions
  • Early Rising
  • Email Domination
  • Saying No
  • Re-purposing Content
  • Music Focus
  • Body-Slamming Your Phone
  • Timers
  • Subscriptions
  • Text Expanders
  • Valuing Drive Time
  • The Importance of Family

Also, Kent is giving our listeners his free ebook “5 Steps to De-Clutter Your Workspace” on his website here:

This episode was so beastly, I had to break it down into two separate releases. Check back to this page on Monday for Part 2 of the episode 🙂


To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “If Godzilla is so powerful, let’s find a way that we can work with him and produce some sort of synergy, so we can harness his powers for good.”


  • Time is finite. We don’t have all the time in the world.
  • Take the step regardless of emotions. Just do it.
  • It’s not about what you intend to do or what you plan to do, it’s about what did you actually do.
  • If you want to be more productive, accomplish more thingsand do what is important, start being more ruthless on how you use your time.
  • If I don’t know how to control my time, other people will control it for me.Unmanaged time is going to float to some other places and probably not going to float to the things which are most important to you.
  • Part of the process is having a lot of clarity on what your gifts and interests are, what your passion is and what your life direction is. If you are not clear on these things, then you don’t have a compass to help you navigate all that.
  • We don’t make rational decisions, we make emotional decisions and we justify them logically.
  • The more you can get stuff out of your inbox, the better.
  • There’s always a way to get stuff out of your plate. Whether it’s things that you need to stop doing or things that you need some help with. Learn to focus on the things that only you can do.
  • Start thinking more like a business person than an artist. Think of what things, when you spend money on them, would become good investments.
  • You can’t be producing all the time; you also have to fill up your creative well.
  • Your life is unique. You can’t compare it to somebody else. Find what works for you.
  • Understand the power of the compound effect. If you work on something a little bit every day, pretty soon, you’ll have something pretty big.

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Timeline (Part 1)

  • 09:26 : Kent’s artistic and creative background starting from being in the band and in the choir during junior high, being a worship leader,teaching public speaking, to writing and blogging,
  • 11:30 : Being a productivity geek and how he got started in creating Evernote video courses,
  • 14:53 : The solution to being able to get things done including discipline, acting the part to feel the part,and simply just doing it,
  • 22:09 : Breaking down the common problems why people don’t have time for their art
  • 22:45 :Working on being intentional with your time starting with a mindset shifts about how to use your time effectively,
  • 26:53 : Having the courage to say No to people to start limiting your involvement in other things to some degree,
  • 35:08 : Providing accountability and driving sense of urgency, and
  • 38:42 : Spending time on things that doesn’t produce results.
  • 41:52 : The first part of Kent’s 21 strategies to help you make time for your art:
  • 43:40 : Keeping a time log — write down the things you spend your time on – to realize and analyze if you are spending them on the right things,
  • 51:10 : Make daily and weekly schedules,
  • 57:45 : Take action to eliminate distractions,
  • 1:00:50 : Focus on one task at a time,
  • 1:02:48 : Grouping similar tasks together,
  • 1:08:05 : Learn to say no,
  • 1:08:10 : Taking advantage of spare moments, and
  • 1:12:33 : Working in large blocks of time.

Timeline (Part 2)

  • 02:40 : A brief overview of the use of Evernote to capture creative ideas,
  • 04:52 : Continuation of Kent’s 21 strategies to help you make time for your art:
  • 04:54: Limit frivolous diversions. There are times for play and time for work.
  • 07:21: Get out of bed earlier.
  • 11:48 : Use music to focus. You can use apps such as [email protected] and Coffitivity to help you out.
  • 17:40 : Become an email ninja. You can use Unroll.Me to manage your subscriptions.
  • 22:43 : Create a sense of urgency.
  • 22:51 : Learn to delegate.
  • 29:40 : Make time to play.
  • 31:43 : Use your drive time for personal growth.
  • 40:34 : Announce a launch date.
  • 45:16 : Embrace your season of life.
  • 51:24 : Repurposing your content.
  • 56:59 : Do a little every day.

Don’t Forget, you can download your free 28 page ebook with all of our methods, tips, and tools discussed in the episodes here -> How to Make More Time For Creatitivities – 20+ Time Hacks, Productivity Tricks, Lifestyle Practices and More

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