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Kendra Kantor is changing the world. She is a creative writer and a wellness mentor for creative women who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other disorders.  She helps women take action towards becoming the person they want to be and living a life full of creativity and happiness.  With the help of her mother, she reversed her mindset and overcame her struggles, eventually leading to the creation of her mentor programs to help others who share similar battles with depression/anxiety. Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Kendra:

  • 03:46 : How she started developing depression anxiety at the age of 13, going through therapy and medication, going to art school for photography and creative writing and how it made her depression worse, going through postpartum depression and finally getting the epiphany of helping women who are going through the same state,
  • 08:08 : The struggles of having an online business especially marketing herself,
  • 14:05 : Her plans which didn’t pull through and the lessons she learned from them,
  • 17:23 : Setting aside time for art and practicing mindfulness as the main habits she cultivates to keep things together,
  • 19:49 : How her mom served as her influence to be a creative artist,
  • 21:00 : The individual processes she incorporates to her clients and the daily struggles she continually battles in her business and personal life,
  • 25:03 : Learning from her clients and their differences experiences and the pointers and recommendations she has for people who are trying to get better, and
  • 28:22 : How she transitioned to this business, the support she is getting from her husband, and the things she would want to change if she can go back to the past.

Creative Influences

Amanda Palmer author of The Art of Asking

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would want to work with Amanda Palmer because she is passionate about making a difference.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I would hope for some magic in another world, where I could write a story and create another creature to battle him… and it would come to life.”


  • Don’t get wrapped up in what other people are doing.
  • Learn to take care of yourself. Find what works for you and take time to focus on yourself.
  • Learn about your values. Learn what to focus on with your life and cultivate those things and make them happen more.

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