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Josh Kilen had a dream of being a writer as a child, but naturally grew out of it to pursue the creation of a firm focusing on consulting, web design, logistical management and marketing. It wasn’t until he had children of his own that requested bed time stories that he sparked his dream for writing back into reality.

Josh has since published several fiction and non-fiction books in relation to creativity with children and writing, and he continues to pioneer the age of marketing based off personal relationships rather than unconnected masses through his company Cantonfield Media.


Creative Influences

1 hr to create anything with anyone…

  • Josh would create a Christian Sci-fi series with C.S. Lewis

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • He would write Godzilla into submission and then use him to defeat Mothra


“Live your life like it was a movie.  Everyday you get up and you are a character of your own movie, and there are obstacles that you have to overcome. That is heroic.  Don’t live your life like  a montage scene- The one that skips for 30 years that nobody wants to watch because it’s boring.” – Josh Kilen

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