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Josh Earl goes hard, period. If he is interested in something, he will find an opportunity to create a business out of it. From hand-crafting $300 straight razors to capturing 167k email addresses on a viral online giveaway, Josh is setting an example for the idea of endless possibilities.

Venturing out from Journalism, Josh saw opportunity and took initiative to teach himself how to program. He then combined his talents and released several books, netting him over $30,000 on the side.

The best part? He has a full time job and a family that comes first.

Much Respect, Josh.



Creative Influences

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • Listen to the episode now to find out how Josh would use his skills for annoying people to defeat Godzilla.


“Everyone should learn the skills to be able to to find out what people want, find a way to give it to them, and then tell them that you have created this thing.”

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