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Creating isn’t simple. Nothing is really simple.

Goal 1: Become a Creative Baller
Goal 2: Make Money Doing It

Why haven’t we made it there yet?

Look, we all have to battle resistance gremlins. Those stupid little fucks are really good at crawling up our asses and leaving a Stone Henge of rocks to weigh us down.

They want us to fail. They want us to feel heavy. They want us to give up.

They want to break us.

However… we are the ones that give the gremlins the permission to exist.

Alone, it’s a much harder battle. Together, we can create magic babies that smash the gremlin eggs before they can even be fertilized by our fear.

That is why I LOVE connecting with REAL creatives who understand that the struggle is REAL.

I sat down with Jenny Jelly and Tim Trueheart of The Jelly Vision Podcast to discuss the intense nature of creative battles. We diagnose failure.. and more failure.. and the tools and mindset we all need to become creative ballers.

This is also utterly hilarious.

If you think I’m entertaining.. wait til’ you hear these 2.

You can be creative.. and awesome.. and still be in the thick of your battle to change the world. You don’t have to be rich to celebrate success through passion.

Assuming you are not a serial killer, and that you are a good person, you should celebrate your uniqueness. – Jenny Jelly

All of us are climbing the mountain, armoring ourselves with the Muse while battling resistance.  It’s good to keep a warm tribe around for the journey, and Jenny Jelly and Tim Trueheart are filling that bill.

103_quote1_somedIf you want to laugh, fist pump, find massive inspiration, experience failure, taste the creative rose, or even wonder down a road of recovery from alcohol or other substances.. you best be wobbling your ears to this episode RIGHT NOW!

You can tell by the length that Jenny, Tim and I had a massive blast when recording this. It is super random, super real, and a gigantic rollercoaster through the struggles of real creatives.

Jenny and Tim are the creators of The Jelly Vision Podcast, and they are dedicating their lives to teaching and inspiring within this beautiful canvas we call MOTHA EARTTTTH.

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To defeat Godzilla with their talents…

  • Tim: I am going to use my blackness and unite all my black brothers and Godzilla just has to go the other way.
  • Jenny: Find a commonality, like I have remarkably short arms, so I will show them to Godzilla who also has short arms and we can hug each other!


  • You cannot be a fake if you are named Trueheart.
  • Assuming you are not a serial killer and you are a good person, you want to celebrate your uniqueness. (Jenny’s)
  • Keep in mind that not all roller coasters are safe, you could plummet to your death. (Jenny’s)
  • Use the fear to fuel creativity. (mine)

Interview Links


  • 7:58: How Tim and Jenny started this 5-year relationship from how Tim catapulted Jenny into hosting and Jenny just found that she loved it! Jenny was optimistically starting her “brick and mortar business” when Tim, of all the joints in the world had to walk into Jenny’s and as they say, the rest is history. Though she had to give up the joint after the landlord lost his patience, what she started here was what gave her solid foundation for the eventual online business. Listen to her interesting experiences as she shares the triumphs and pitfalls of a true brick and mortar business as opposed to the ephemeral online website business. What Tim and Jenny built in their dogged pursuit for business survival in the financially strapped atmosphere of 2008 has actually lived on in the artists and their creations who became members of their thriving community back then. It is a heartening story of entrepreneurs who never say die but just move on to occupy a different body when the first one dies out.
  • 18:55: I brainstorm with Jenny and Tim on great learning scenarios to enable children and parents learn about setting up a business, maintaining it, improving on it or just being aware of the benefits that a particular skill offers. Listen to us as we bounce ideas off each other on how to make a brick and mortar place turn up revenue while being a place where parents and kids can truly get value for their money through its classes, lectures or workshops. There are awesome ideas about doing multi potentialitites and being able to do more than one thing and be ahead of everyone! Listen to us share ideas about getting started, what it takes to put the foot forward and start that journey. Jenny has “The Tens” to help her start on whatever course she wants to go/do and her explanation of what this is all about can make a listener want to try them out immediately!
  • 34:07: Listen to the new angle about addiction and recovery. Tim discusses self-mastery and recognizing resistance. We really have an important discussion here about addiction and how to make mental adjustments so people can channel anxiety, anger or boredom and come up a winner over them. There is also an interesting side comment here about Arnold Schwarzenegger insight on being focused to the point of completely forgetting how it affects the people around us.
  • 43:07: Hey, guys! Listen to my take on getting started on anything – especially on resolving to do something that is not exactly giving instant gratification. I share my experience on resolving to get out of a 15k debt that I thought I can work off in 5 years but now I have almost 8 grand in just 5months and there is a certainty that this will all work out right and I in a few more months I do not have to sleep dead tired, enslaved to a debt. This is a truly powerful example of being focused and I share how I did it!
  • 58:17: Tim and Jenny share some of their thoughts about the people they have encountered in the 5 years they have been doing their podcast. It is interesting that both completely agree on the basic traits that their guests have in common to sustain their focus. There is 1 trait that stands out among these people and Tim has a pretty insightful comment about it.
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