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About a year ago I evaluated that I was tired, overworked, unhappy, lost and ultimately living a life of nonstop drifting through procrastination, pointless routines and a very bright corporate American future.

A few months later, I sorted out my “crazy” and “unrealistic” visions and pledged to battle resistance and trek towards the life I once thought was impossible.

One of the “unrealistic” visions that I have been dedicating the last year (and all future years) to is creating a life of location independence and traveling the world. I want to (and will) taste the creativity of all cultures and landscapes that stretch across the globe.  I will play my part in changing the world.

About 4 months ago I came across a podcast that has undoubtedly 100x’d my drive to make this vision a reality (like when you dominate coins in Sonic), and I’m honored and bit anxious to introduce you to the dude behind the magic.

Jason Moore is the founder of the Zero to Travel Podcast and, the co-founder of, and a champion of all things digital nomadic, location independent, travel hacking, and awesomeness. He has an unbelievable talent for sharing his experiences and ramping up the education of anyone who might be interested an on-the-go lifestyle of fist pumping and epic scenery.

I tried my best to get a summary of all the incredible topics that Jason regularly covers on his podcast and website for this show while also diving into his story and how his baller lifestyle came to fruition. World domination, travel hacking, budget traveling, wonders of the world, fist pumping and everything in between, here’s to Mother Earth. 


Creative Influences


  • Travel does a lot of things. One thing it can do is make you introspective because you find ways to communicate with people.
  • Travel is something that can open up a whole new world, artistically, creatively, and personally and can be fulfilling in so many ways.
  • The reality can be your dream, depending on what you want.
  • It’s all about setting yourself up with the ability to do what you do from anywhere.
  • It’s all about consistency, persistence and taking action when it comes to these things [travel].

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  • 09:53 : Why travel is hugely inspirational and important for Jason and how necessary it is for him to have creative outlets,
  • 11:12 : The things you can get out of travelling, the whole new world it can open for you and how it can be fulfilling artistically, creatively and personally if you conquer your fear of travel,
  • 13:55 : His background, the misconceptions he learned about travel, the turning point in his life when he decided to commit to the idea of travelling, landing in the event marketing industry which paved the way for him to pursue his goals and the rest of the story of how he got wrapped up with the nomadic lifestyle,
  • 21:38 : The awesome benefits, as well as the set of challenges, of having a location independent lifestyle and the keys in pulling off running a business on the road,
  • 27:19 : Different people he had met during his travels, the different ways they made money as nomad entrepreneurs or artists and examples of the things they have accomplished,
  • 33:08 : Great tips and tricks to travelling to places in as little budget as possible including airfare and credit card travel hacks, manufactured spending, travelling during shoulder seasons, being ‘incognito’ when using your browsers, and
  • 48:49 : Some of his favorite places that he had visited including Argentina, Buenos Aires, and Norway.
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