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Jamie Skinner, the guitar and lead vocalist of a 3-piece London-based pop punk band called FUSS, is bringing back the punk love to the rock and roll scene.  He takes us on a journey the struggles of a young artist, building a fan base, writing through passion, and breaking expensive guitars.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Jamie:

  • 05:00 : Coming up with a band named Fuss but finding no members at the onset so had ended up doing everything by himself until he came up with the album, Behind Closed Doors,
  • 06: 05 : Being inspired to teach himself how to play after listening to Green Day; playing in a band at age 13; and a discussion about how radio is being saturated more with pop music nowadays,
  • 13:18 : Aiming for their music to be self-sufficient and about their dream of being able to play in their band full time,
  • 14:45 : Giving out their EP, The Mega EP, free last October 6  and their strategy in earning revenues in other channels other than their music to build a following and expand their fan base,
  • 18:56 : About their second album, What the Fuss, set to come out soon, and how his team mates served as bouncing boards for ideas and made song writing easier,
  • 21:32 : How he met his band mates, Joe Papworth  and Charlie Southard ; who the wildest is among the three; and about their first gigs as a band,
  • 26:32 : The equipment they are using and some expensive but memorable ‘in the moment’ decisions made,
  • 29: 15 : The band’s ultimate dream of living off from their music and other more realistic dreams of touring the UK to do gigs outside of London and to play at the Reading and Leeds Festival, and
  • 36:02 : About the time he lost passion and wrote stuff just to have a portfolio of songs; and the most important lessons he had learned in his journey so far.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I’d take my broken PRS and make it where laser beams will shoot out of the crack where the neck was, and every time I strike a chord, it just shoots laser and shoots Godzilla.”


  • When you’re playing a gig, you see it in one perspective: yours. So if you do not have managers to give feedback, you only have your fans to guide you.
  • You just got to have fun. Compared to other jobs, being in a band is far from being a chore. There is no need to complain so having fun is the best way to go about it.
  • If music is what you want to do, do it for yourself. If people are giving you a hard time for being creative, just ignore it and keep on going and use it as inspiration to carry on.

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