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It is no secret that I am a HUGE fanboy of Honoree Corder. And I should be, right? Her principles and strategies have allowed me to envision my future, set smart and measurable goals to work towards, and ultimately track and accomplish my those goals to bring my vision to reality.

What I once thought was impossible is now REAL. I’ve put my notice in at my ‘career job.’ I’m selling my house and moving to the beautiful Northwest. I’m starting my journey of a 24/7 location independent freedom lifestyle. It’s surreal.

I’m not any smarter than you, and I don’t have any skills or talents that I didn’t work my ass off to achieve.

The point is, it’s all attainable if you BELIEVE it is. Once you believe, it is just a matter of taking action on a consistent basis.

Honoree Corder understands this because she started from the bottom JUST LIKE US. She doesn’t have a college degree or divine superpowers (although I’d argue the second), but she has mastered the principals required to become the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous writer possible. It’s no fluke that she’s a bazillion time best-selling author, coach, and marketing champion.

In this episode, we discuss these core principals and how they not only work for writers, but for everyone. We also discuss the topic of her newest book “Prosperity for Writers,” and how these principals can be used to create massive abundance in your career.

Put your sarcasm hat on, cause Honoree is wildddddd.




  • 10:30: Honoree talks about her reasons for writing the kind of books she writes.
  • 15:00: How writing to an avatar can be an effective method in writing a book.
  • 20:01: The fate of her first published book in 2004 sans title as it was a self-published and self- edited book and how the book had a rebirth with a competent editor.
  • 22:15: How the right keywords propel sales to rocket highs. She shares what happened to one of her books as soon as the right keywords were found. That book was languishing around for 6 years until they got the category spot on. With the right keywords, that book sold out immediately.
  • 27:23: The “starving artist” is not a rule. Honoree believes that knowing the right people, knowing your craft and knowing things can make a prosperous writer come out of any writer.
  • 30:33: Her mindset about money and abundance when she was still in networking. One’s checkbook balance is a good indicator of where one is in the scheme of things. However, Honoree totally believes that we have it in us to pause and assess where we are, what’s important, then we can empower ourselves and change ourselves for success.
  • 36:31: Honoree shares B.O.L.O. and how doing this can change anyone’s life for the better. She also shares how B.O.L.O. can turn around one’s perspective. She has another one – F.A.M.E. with F for Focus. Listen how she blends the idealistic affirmation with the practicality of focus.
  • 46:23: Why the dirty first draft is not an issue. She advises to just get the words out. She promises that you will be amazed at the thoughts in that draft and the pride it brings to you in being productive.
  • 49:50: Honoree’s method for writing ideas. She has a logical and convincing approach to imparting ideas.
  • 56:00: Honoree explains tithing as a spiritual practice that works on the principle of giving away something so it can comeback at least double or tenfold. Honoree talks about an incredible experience of how tithing worked for her and shares how “Miracle Morning” came to be because of tithing.

Creative Influences

To help Godzilla create a successful writing business…

  • Step 1: Decide what you want to give back, Godzilla.

Advice from the show…

  • Sometimes, only a juicy swear word will do.
  • Write about what you know, and write like you are talking to a friend.
  • Use what works for you, and discard the rest.
  • Every single aspect of success starts with the mind first.

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