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This will change your life. If you listen to any show on this podcast, listen to this one immediately.

Hal Elrod, his story, his books, his podcast, and his morning strategy have literally revolutionized tens of thousands of people’s lives all over the world, including mine.  Hal was pronounced dead for 6 minutes after getting hit head on by a drunk driver. After being told he might not ever walk again, and that he would suffer brain damage, Hal took his first step 9 days later and went on to run a 52-mile marathon.

He is the most inspirationally powerful, insightful, motivational, and bluntly honest human I’ve ever encountered, and he has created a system that makes it unbelievably easy to tap into a life of expanded opportunity, unlimited happiness, reborn success, and profound changes in ANY and EVERY area of your life, all before 8 am.

From the bottom of my heart- thank you Hal.


Creative Influences

1 HR to create anything, with anyone…

  • Hal would create a program for a non-profit that would bring life coaching into any school in America.

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • Hal would run and hide until Godzilla starved to death.  🙂

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Interview Transcript

Heath Armstrong: A knick-knack-paddy wack give this guest a bone because he’s going bam bam harder than a Flintstone. He’s the number one selling author of the Miracle Morning! A hall of fame business achiever and international key-note speaker and ultra-marathon runner and the founder of He was pronounced dead for 6 minutes but ain’t nobody going to hold him down, oh no. A Skidamarinkity Dinkity Dink, a Skidamarinkity Do!  Yo pal Hal Elrod oh how I thank you for being the artrepeneur now, what is crackin’ Hal?

Hal Elrod: Holy crap! What the hell was that? That was amazing! Yeah, that was amazing, I’m speechless, I am speechless, I’m entertained, I wish I could rewind it and just listen to that again. That was the greatest intro that I have ever heard in my life. And I, you know, normally I don’t start an interview where I am intimidated to follow the host but in this case I think you have- that’s a first. Nice work, I’m excited to be here though, thanks for having me on the show.

Heath Armstrong:  Hey man! Anytime, you can put that intro on repeat all you want.

Hal Elrod: Nice.

Heath Armstrong:  So I’m going to be completely honest with you, upfront your books, your podcasts, the miracle morning practice, have single handedly allowed me to take my life from something that was pretty mediocre to something that is extra ordinary. And it’s not just me, I mean, I have even had other guests on the show who are huge fans, Kelly Lundberg who I found through your Miracle Morning community on Facebook, she’s a stylist out of Dubai, I mean she’s been working with the Grammy’s, the Dubai world Cup. Greg Basten- who you had mentioned about his tea products on one your podcast episodes.

Hal Elrod: Yeah

Heath Armstrong:  Yea I had him on and it was fantastic.

Hal Elrod: Nice

Heath Armstrong:  And you know, the day Amber Ludwig told me to stop everything and read your book was the day that I changed and as of yesterday, the podcast, which was a direct stem from your practice, it hit the featured section on iTunes under [00:03:26.19] New and Note worthy in just 2 and a half weeks man, and so give it up for me! Yeah!

Hal Elrod: Yeah! Exciting, that’s exciting

Heath Armstrong:  Yeah, and from day one I was sold but I just wanted to say genuinely for everything you do, not just for me but for the hundreds of thousands of people’s lives that you have changed over the years and just thank you so much for being on this show man.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, I, I’m honored. I’m on a mission to share the Miracle Morning and change one million lives one miracle morning at a time. I never know who needs to hear the message, who needs to learn about the miracle morning and I feel like of everything I have ever taught, you know, I have been speaking for over a decade, I have been coaching for almost a decade, and I have written two books and there is nothing I have ever shared with another human being that has had such a profound and lasting impact as the miracle morning. And as you said, as quick of an impact right?

Heath Armstrong:  It’s immediate

Hal Elrod: You know, people…it’s immediate, like the first day you do it, you’re like, ‘oh my gosh, this is like the first day of the rest of my life.’ So it really is an honor for me to share this with one person or a thousand people or you know, and it’s an honor to share it with you.

Heath Armstrong:  Do you have any idea how many copies have been sold of the Miracle Morning yet?

Hal Elrod: Yeah it’s roughly; I don’t have a running tally but its right around 30,000. It’s between 25 and just over thirty thousand, somewhere [cross talk]

Heath Armstrong:  Your going to get to a million one day

Hal Elrod: Yeah one day, sooner than later. I told a friend, it’s interesting, and I don’t know if I have shared this before publicly, but recently a good buddy of mine…And by the way the reason why I haven’t shared this publicly as I’m about to say it, I said it to my friend and even as I said it I said you know what, you’re the only person I might tell this to because anyone else would really judge ne for saying this. So I just realized that I have now started to dig a hole which I probably put myself in here. But we, he called me and we were talking and he said, ‘Hal, I was on Amazon and dude, you have 300, you know 300 plus five star review son Amazon. That’s like rare air’ And I said, I know, I know man, I’m blown away by it[00:05:32.25] Inaudible  between you and me I said, ‘And  don’t say this because of my opinion I say this because of the hundreds of reviews on Amazon and because of the hundreds of emails I received. I think I might have written one of the most life changing self-help books ever written. And I said, and I said it’s just really, kind of this really peaceful feeling where I feel like if I died today, knock on wood, I’m not planning on going anywhere, but if I die today  feel a sense of peace. The miracle morning is going to change millions of lives with our without me, whether or not I would ever tell another person about it, it’s so such a word of mouth thing, where ‘hey, this is changing my life and I’ve got to tell my family, my friends and my colleagues and I’m going to buy it for people and [cross talk]

Heath Armstrong:  It’s infectious man and I like, every time a holiday comes around now the only thing I want to do is just buy a copy of that and give it to somebody and it doesn’t matter if they are already feeling successful or if it’s somebody who really just sits in a cubicle and hates their life, even if they’re against it, they’re like you know, ‘aww self-help book, I’m like no seriously just read it within 3 or 4 days I get a message immediately and its already changing their life with the first 20 or 30 pages, I mean, it’s amazing.

Hal Elrod: Wow, wow man I know, I’m inspired and I’m in awe and inspired by it, I, it’s so funny you know, I know I looked at other authors and I even [00:07:01.06] Inaudible I get star struck when they talk to me or I talk to them, you know, but I really you know, I feel like, ‘really, the book I wrote did that for you? You know when I hear this stuff I’m like, ‘really?! That little book that I was insecure and afraid nobody would like and nobody would actually follow through with t and do it, so it’s cool to hear though, I really appreciate it.

Heath Armstrong:  That’s the beauty of it, that’s why it’s so inspiring so. Hey man, I know you are the true mack daddy quote master flex and I want to start this off by quoting a previous guest of mine who was a Hollywood director, his name is Soaron Bearmon and he won the New York International Film Festival. He is just nineteen years old and because he said this quote and it really stuck to me more than anything and it was right when I first started to read the  miracle morning and it’s just kind of a its just if you want to rename it, it could have  been renamed this. I don’t know if you have heard this but every day is a bonus round.

Hal Elrod: Hmmm.

Heath Armstrong: So, I feel like with your story I mean it’s just so descriptive to me in those five little words because every day is a bonus round, you can wake up and level up as much as you want but the next day still a bonus round. So, you have to do everything in the now, it just really relates with me.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, I know I think that for me it’s you know I look at every you know like, we have to live and make today the most important day of our life. I think the number one cause of mediocrity and regret and unfulfilled potential is never deciding now matters more than any other time in our life’s .You know that today is the most important day of our life, but it is because what we are doing right now.

Heath Armstrong: Hmmm.

Hal Elrod: And who we are becoming today that’s going to determine the quality and you know the direction of rest of our life and most  people live with the mindset and they wake up and you know whatever age it is you know thirty, forty, fifty, sixty and they look back and go what the hell happened you know.

Heath Armstrong: Oh yeah.

Hal Elrod: I think one of the saddest thing in life Robin Shamus said this “it’s to wake up and realize you could have been done and had so much more but you didn’t”. You know?

Heath Armstrong: Yeah, that one is up on the wall too.

Hal Elrod: Oh is it really?

Heath Armstrong:  Yeah, definitely.

Hal Elrod: It’s a powerful reminder.

Heath Armstrong: I know your story can be found all over the inter-webs and television networks all across the word and probably Mars & Jupiter and if it isn’t there you know it will be one day, but because it’s such a unique story and the fact that you know your heart actually stopped actually for like five or six minutes. I still feel like you need to sum up the process of the birth of the Miracle Morning for our listeners who haven’t heard about it. From the sales job, to the wreck to the second colossal breakdown you had and finally the creation of this beautiful miracle that is changing so many people’s lives and then I want you to dive in, I want to dive into your creative style a little bit afterwards and give a little bit of funky questions we usually ask from other guests at the begining of the show. So, go go gadget how man?

Hal Elrod: Cool! Alright, so where to begin? And I have been working on making my story more concise so I am totally a talker right and I will like just talk, everybody is podcast they are like ‘hey you know , can you stretch it out to thirty minutes?’ I am like good. You’re best you know your biggest challenge is going to be getting me to shut up.

Heath Armstrong: Hahaha.

Hal Elrod: So you just don’t have two hour par cast episode that nobody will sit through. But I have been working on it, so here we go this is actually a good opportunity to practice my new way of sharing the story. So when I was fifteen years old targeting on a creative side and you know it’s a big part of your you know creative component, I launched my first business as a mobile disc jockey. At fifteen I was making seventy-five dollars an hour, four hours a week but you know, to be a high school sophomore, making….

Heath Armstrong: Dropping Beats- yeah.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. Three hundred bucks on a Friday night, right. Twelve hundred bucks a mont. It was pretty cool. I was doing wedding, school dances, car shows you named it anywhere they needed music I would play. And then I got a job on the radio that was my dream really and I started a radio show every week called the ‘Boo Man’ system with Yo Pal Hal. And fast forward the four years a buddy of mine sold knives, he had been bugging me for years to have a show, and I was like dude I am Yo Paul Hal, like I am a radio DJ I am not a sales man right. And I ended up, long story short, I went to the office and decided to talk to the manager, got hired and decided to give it a shot. Well on my second day of my three day training I decided I was going to break the all-time record. I don’t know what it was my whole life I was a mediocre, I was a C and D student, I wasn’t that  popular, I didn’t play sports, I was totally mediocre my whole life and at nineteen I am sitting in a training and I go you know what why not me like why can’t I be great? For the first time in my life I want to be freaking great and I committed and luckily I had a mentor that knew what the heck he was doing because I didn’t really know. I really lost confidence many, many times but my first ten days on the job I broke the all-time what’s called the fast star record where I sold more kitchen knives in my first ten days that anybody had in the fifty year history of the company.

Heath Armstrong: (Laughs)

Hal Elrod: And it was a real, like a real game changer for me. Like what, what the heck I didn’t see that coming. I made more money in my first week that I had made in my entire, in one month in my entire life. It was my first week, more than in a year probably. And I thought wow change of pace so I decided that I wanted to really recruit myself to this career in sales. Um a year and half later I was giving a speech in sales conference one night, got my first standing ovation which made it a really cool experience you know. I was like really jazzed about that and driving home that night a man that I had never met before left the bar two drinks down and he got on the freeway going the wrong way and I was in a brand new Ford Mustang. It was my first new car, you know a really cry full moment. I just bought it three weeks earlier with my money, twenty years old that was the dream car that time. And this man I never met was in a large Chevy ford size truck and he hit me head on a 80miles/hour and sent me into the coming traffic. And the worst was yet to come when an innocent by stander driving a four door Saturn Sudan crashed into my driver side door 70miles/hour and can you just imagine, if anybody listening look over to your left right now and imagine a car going 70miles/hour just crashing into the door of your car and you look at the picture of my car online, it looks like its missing half of the car like from the front it looks like the half of the car is gone.

Heath Armstrong: I saw that article that was on [cross talk]

Hal Elrod: On the mighty.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah that was unbelievable.


Hal Elrod: And yeah what happened was that the left side of the car was in my body and it was crushed in the left side of my body and immediately I broke eleven bones, my femur broke in half, one half came from the side of my leg, I’ll get graphic here for a second. Um my pelvis was smashed from the center consulate, broke at three separate places. My humorous bone behind my bicep again split literally into two pieces, one half came behind my elbow, my elbow was completely crushed, I severed the radio nerve in my left arm, and my eye socket was crushed so bad that it’s actually made of metal. Don’t ask me how my elbow was spared and I am not blind in that eye which the doctor thought I would be and my ear was almost completely severed hanging on by about half of an inch and the ceiling buckle that it sliced into the back of my head, like it sliced a V into the top of my head.

Heath Armstrong: Oh.

Hal Elrod: Thank God or the human body but I was immediately in comma and I was unconscious, unable to you know conscious to be aware of this pain that I was enduring. Bleeding from head to toe and a minute later my best friend Jeremy found me on the side of the road in my car, he was a minute behind me on the freeway and he got out. The windows smashed and I am trapped in the car and I am unresponsive, he is yelling for me and he checked my pulse and thank God I had a pulse, I was still alive but I was losing a lot of blood.

Heath Armstrong: Aha.

Hal Elrod: And it took them an hour to take me out of the car.

Heath Armstrong: Oh my God.

Hal Elrod: So, I trapped in the car for an hour until the jaws of life ripped the roof off and pulled me out and I had lost so much blood that I actually died and my heart stopped beating, stopped breathing and I was clinically dead on the side of the freeway for six minutes. Um they revived me, the paramedic revived me,  they rushed me to the hospital where I was six days in a comma. I flat lined twice, my poor parents had the worst of it I can’t even imagine now I have two children now I understand that it was harder for them I think than it was for me, I mean I was unconscious for the worse of it right? And I came out of the comma six days later and the doctor said that I will never walk again and that I had permanent brain damage, I had short term memory at the hospital and you know I had to face this reality of the doctor saying that they think that I will never walk again and I told my parents that  the doctor may be experts in medicine and that they weren’t experts in me. I had two options, either the doctors were right and if they were right I already decided that if I can’t change it, something I learned in my sales training that I feel the most valuable because if  we just cut off the interview after this lesson then everybody is good.

Heath Armstrong: Aha.

Hal Elrod: Um the most valuable lesson that I have learned is that when we, um let me put it this way, every negative emotion that we feel all of us the emotional pain or anger or sadness or fear or anxiety, all of it is self-created by our resistance or you can call it our non-acceptance of our reality it is. Our wishing or wanting that we could change that things that we can’t change. So for example somebody in my condition, a normal responses guy wish this doesn’t happen to me, ‘I don’t deserve this I am a good person and like you are telling me that I will not be able to walk again, I can’t imagine life in a wheelchair, that’s not the life I want, right?

Heath Armstrong: Exactly yes.

Hal Elrod: To the degree that we resist our reality is the degree that we create emotional pain for us. And I have learned that in my sales training in a much less articular way , it was a five minute rule and it was its okay to bitch on and complain sometimes, sometimes you’ve got to vent when things don’t go your way, but there is no value in dwelling on, so you set your time for five minutes and after you bitch and complaining, punch the wall, punch your spouse, for five minutes you let you release that emotion after when that the timer goes off you go, can’t change it so the only intelligent choice I have is to unconditionally accept what has happened at this point and focus one hundred percent of my energy on what I can control, what I can change. And at this point all I can change is my  attitude. Have you ever read the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Heath Armstrong: No but I have it on my list.

Hal Elrod: Yeah it’s great but it’s a pretty short read. It puts things in perspective you know Victor was in a naughty concentration camp. Um not thinking that he would ever see his wife and children again. He was watching his friends die every day waiting for his turn and he just had this epiphany where he went, the only choice that I have is I can be miserable have to say that alright the last you know the only choice I have is to miserable in the final days of my life or to be the happiest, I am paraphrasing but you know that the quote from his book is that he realize that the last of human, the last of man’s freedom, the last of human freedom is to choose one’s own attitude in any set of given circumstances. So he decided I’m going to be the happiest I have ever been in my life for the final days of my life even though and you think about that like I even my circumstances I can’t think your circumstances are worse than that. You know being in a concentration camp, not thinking that you are ever going to see your family again, watching you friends die, waiting for you turn to die that’s pretty difficult right?

Heath Armstrong: Yeah yeah it is.

Hal Elrod: And also all the while being physically and emotionally being abused by the guards, right?

Heath Armstrong: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: And luckily he survived and he got out, um but that he had accepted wholly the circumstances and the worst case scenario and when you accept the things you can’t change doesn’t mean you are happy about it. He wasn’t happy that he was probably going to die but it means that you are at peace with them and when you accept things unconditionally and you could be at peace with your circumstances no matter how difficult and unimaginable. This can mean the loss of a loved one, it could be you know the traffic right, it could be a universal truth for the most extreme diversity and tragedy to the most basic. The most every day, mundane, yeah. And there is lot more value in it sometime stuff because you know if you are not dealing with the horrific tragedy right now and circumstances then you must think the worst doesn’t apply to me. Well next time you hit traffic and you find yourself frustrated over the pace of cars in front of you stop and say, wait a minute I can’t change it, where is the intelligence here creating the emotional pain over the speed of cars  in front of me because they are going slow.  What a waste of a way [cross talk]

Heath Armstrong: It’s so valuable on daily basis though because I know you had those bracelets and my girlfriend Lindsey made us a couple and before I had one of those on I will think about it sometime after I read the book but now when you wear a bracelet its…

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Heath Armstrong: Its unbelievable man, I find myself getting irritated over the dumbest little things and as soon as I see that I am just like I good to go you know and so when you have applied it to something that, that more life changing like this guy was in a concentration and you were clinically dead for six minutes, you didn’t knew what the outcome was going to be, but you found peace with it and you were able to build off that and it is fantastic.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, there are three magic words “Can’t Change it”. If anybody wants to go deeper into the subject in the can’t change it .com. You can watch a ten minute video of me teaching this in a different way than I am now but actually giving a speech to like two hundred sales people and managers at a conference and then you can read a full article that I wrote when I sat down and thoughtfully articulated my thoughts on this topic. But, yeah can’t change it and then once you say you can’t change it you take a deep breath and you release any negative emotion and you are feeling getting okay I can’t change what is out of my control. So, what can I change what is in my control what can I work towards. And so I told my parents either I was going to be the happiest person you have ever seen on a wheel chair because the alternative being the most miserable person in the wheel chair doesn’t sound like a very great life. I don’t want that.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah, you always wish better.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, so I said the doctors arrived and I will walk as the happiest person on the wheel chair if they are wrong which I am betting on them to be wrong,  I am planning on, I told them putting on all my energy all my faith all my belief everything is going into imagining me walking again and um the three walks later no no sorry one week after this conversation with my parents, I  took my first step, you know it was three weeks after the crash, after my femur broke into half, my pelvis broken into three pieces right, I ruptured my spleen and all those things.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Three weeks after that crash I took my first step and um I definitely believe in the power of the mind body connection and positive thinking and how that influences our cells right which affects our everything, our emotional, our physical and our mental wellbeing. And three weeks later I took my first step and four weeks later I went home and that year I got back to, I got out of the hospital in February, didn’t have a car for six month, which  my sales position required a car. I was in direct sales in different houses. So I literally caught rides from people and I think in that year I was the number six sales rep of the year out of like sixty thousand and half of the year I spent catching rides from people, didn’t have a car [00:23:25.01] Inaudible I got my license back but I don’t say that I am bragging, I think it was really an example of, for all of us included me that we can’t make excuses why we can’t achieve our goals, you know in our dreams. We can use those excuses as fuel to create a truly inspiring story for other people to follow right?

Heath Armstrong: Oh man, yeah.

Hal Elrod: You don’t have to write a, I am not saying you write a book, I am saying that your friends and family and everyone that knows you, how we live our lives unconsciously gives other people permission to do the same. And only settle for less than our best and complain about the negative and all of that. We just, we  create this, this you know that permission for the other people to do the same, but when we live to our full potential. I think that we all have a responsibility to live with our full potential what are your goals and dreams right now you are putting off, knock it off because you owe it to the people that look up to you, that look sideways to you, that you influence just by being in their lives. I think we owe it to people to truly not all, first and foremost to fulfill our potential so we can understand how to help people fulfill theirs and then actively we got to do that, we got to inspire other people to live the life that they really want to live.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah, I think for me and a lot of people the biggest issue is that fear in getting out of their comfort zone and forcing themselves to confront fear head on and your story honestly opened my eyes and to you know well if he can do this you know anybody can do anything. I can quit pounding and get off my ass but what’s the worst that can really happen? And for the ninety five percent of the people that live their life with complete fear and never rise from mediocrity what kind of advice do you have for them? I mean, I know you have that stat in the book about the special security stat which was insane and I can’t remember the numbers that you talked about. Do you remember those off the top of your head?

Hal Elrod: Oh okay, I mean I don’t,  but its ninety five percent of our society is not able to, this is just from a financial measure mediocrity, only five percent of our society is financially free where they can do what they want, when they want and rest of the people are working for the rest of their life or they are dependent on other people or social security or whatever, um but, but yeah basically I mean research or no research, statistics or no statistics,  we can look around and we can look everywhere and go how many people  we know are living the most extraordinary lives that they can imagine?

Heath Armstrong: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Take a 100 people or take 10 people, what percent of those people? Mostly would be like zero out of ten. Alright, zero out of ten, you have to try harder just to find one, right?

Heath Armstrong: Hahaha yeah. It says that if you take hundred people to start their working career and follow them through the next forty years until  they reach their retirement age, here what you will find, only one will be wealthy, four will be financially secure, five will continue working not because they want to but because they have to, thirty six will be dead and fifty four will be broke and  dependent on their friends or families or relatives and the government to take care of them.

Hal Elrod: Yeah and that, that starts off the chapter in the book. And that’s my favorite chapter in the book, in fact actually you know what if anybody goes to um recently this is , I wasn’t going to mention this, but I just thought of it recently. My podcast, we had a technical difficulty, I did an interview and it didn’t worked so we were scrambling at the last minute, so we were wondering at the last minute what we were going to post on iTunes and for the audio and we actually posted chapter three of my audio book you know the Miracle Morning audio book. If you go to here is the fastest way to find it, it’s episode twenty seventh in the podcast so if you go to, if you achieve your goal  podcast on iTunes or direct link if you want to put it on the show notice its, two, seven and you can actually get a free chapter of my audio book not because I intended it but because it was an emergency last minute thing.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah absolutely it will be in the show. It’ll be at

Hal Elrod: Perfect, perfect so yes it’s the idea that ninety five percent of our society in generally and its you know ninety percent simply setting for less than they want in the reality is that if you and I don’t make the decision that you know what I can’t do what I am doing and expect a different result I got to start to doing to join the five percent right I got to start reading the books of five percent studying the five percent listening to the top five percent podcast and the bottom line is I got to start doing things differently and that for me was what birth the Miracle Morning and we can maybe transition and wrap up with but I was at my rock bottom and I was it was when the US economy crashed in two thousand eight and two thousand nine. My business failed,  I lost half of the income and I couldn’t pay my bills, I lost my house back to the bank, I was deeply depressed, I stopped exercising and I saw worst shape of my life, I was in mess physically, emotionally, mentally , financially and spiritually I was at the lowest point I have ever been and long story short and by the way I just realize that I didn’t do a very good job of giving a short version of my story, I  pretty  much  told it straight. Um the way I am in condition to tell it…

Heath Armstrong: It needs to be in that way, it’s amazing.

Hal Elrod: Oh I appreciate that thank you, um so but I am going to try again take two on this part, so the bottom line was I was at my rock bottom and six month of a spiral downward um I had a conversation with my friend led to me going on a run when he basically said, Hal, you’re not exercising that’s a problem dude, you got to get oxygen and blood to your brain you got to release and go for a run, he did running went for a run , I was desperate and on that run I listened to a self help audio and the epiphany was this, I wasn’t dedicating time to become the person that I needed to be to achieve what I wanted in my life to create the health and the wealth and happiness and the vitality that I really wanted and achieve all  my goals and dreams and so I decided after about an hour of research online that a couple things successful people do I wasn’t doing. A – they wake up early, I wasn’t a morning person, I took the snooze button three or four times and waste the morning but after I researched what successful people do I said wow most successful people wake up in the morning and they utilize that first thirty to sixty minutes of their day to either work on themselves or work on their goals and dreams, and they set the right mind set to win every single day and I didn’t do that so the first thing I realize I have to start waking up early and start working on myself, extraordinary personal development through which I can become the person I need to be and can create the life I want. I created this morning routine that didn’t have a name, yes now it is known worldwide as the miracle morning. It’s a book it’s a bestselling book but then it was just my personal morning development routine. The next morning I woke up and did the things that were in the book and I was actually excited to try this you know I am sure you going to test this that you will be excited once you learn about it.

Heath Armstrong: Oh yeah.

Hal Elrod: Read the book right, count when you try then you do it like Oh my God this is amazing two months of doing my miracle morning it wasn’t called that, two months of doing my morning routine and this is why I called it the miracle morning because within two months I had doubled my income. My depression was gone in twenty four hours the next morning and I doubled my income in two months and I went to worship and my life physically?  To training to a fifty two mile ultra marathon that I completed five months later and I hate, I went from not being a runner at all to running fifty two miles running one day, five hundred miles in six months train for that and because my life turned around so fast I called it the miracle morning. Three years of insecurity and I was like I need to write it in a book but I was afraid that no one’s going to do it. Everybody is like me they are not morning people, yeah it worked for me but I got lucky and you know, tens of thousands of people around the world have the same result and response that you have.

Heath Armstrong: Oh yeah man.

Hal Elrod: It changes your life so fast and it’s, your life just continues to get better and better and better.

Heath Armstrong: Every, every minute goes by man, instead of waking up face down and pants down in the bushes every night um you know you wake up every morning and run couple of miles and get all this done and you feel productive and it’s amazing.

Hal Elrod: Oh I just learned about your previous routine that I ever thought I would know, I love it.

Heath Armstrong: Hahahaha.

Hal Elrod: So yeah, yeah that’s it and any questions for me I am open to answering any or we can move to you know whatever the next step is.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah absolutely you going to hold on a little bit because I am going to push it a little bit.

Hal Elrod: Oh yeah do it.

Heath Armstrong: Before I just let you get explosive and funky with your day out there in the very beautiful southern California, so take a second man do a little dance, get the creative mind flow in, who are some of yours top creative influencers.

Hal Elrod: Um creative influencers I mean I have got you know mentors in my life like my best friends John Burga, John Oman, Matt Recor, Jacey Levine these are the people that you know not well known names necessarily but these are my friends and Peter Wombs these are my friends um that are  you know or I guess here the way of saying it, it is you know the say the average of the five people we spend my most time with and the most I experimented and researched that’s its very true that your income, your heath, your happiness it is the five the average of the five so I have been actively seeking out people that make me better, people that are living or at least pursuing the type of life and success that I really want to have and then you know beyond that mentors like Tony robin you know Roth Smith , Peter Opera, Jerry Shinto  people like that I looked up to those people and I watched their interviews and I tried to little embody their mind set for a success and all of the above been in big incenses and creativity and my success  overall.

Heath Armstrong:  Yeah I am a huge sign fell Larry David fan. OH you Larry David fan dude. I used to be a DJ man, what kind of music are you into?

Hal Elrod: I like the music that makes me dance for the most part you know the Hip hop, the electronic- when I was in high school I liked the hard core stuff and now I just like positive music so either it makes me dance or it has a positive.

Heath Armstrong: Atmosphere is a really good hip Hop artist he is all positive.

Hal Elrod: Oh you know what that I isn’t all his stuff online? I am going to look  him upright now.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah. He goes by slug, his band, his name is atmosphere and his new album is called the south siders and it’s all, I mean it’s amazing.

Hal Elrod: Really? Is it on iTunes?

Heath Armstrong: It’s got to be, yeah.

Hal Elrod: South siders ok.

Heath Armstrong: So if you had to spend one hour creating something with anybody from past or present who would it be and what will you create?

Hal Elrod: If I had to create something anything from the past, future or present who would it be? You know I would create a program for an non profit that brought life coaching to every school in America.

Heath Armstrong: Oh yeah.

Hal Elrod: And that’s my long term vision you know I have been a coach for nine years, I had many coaches that radically impact my life and change my life and  I have seen do it for the people. And I really think those life skills are what’s missing most schools and I like to go in there and teach all the high school students not to just coach them but how to coach others and then have them going into the Junior house and then coach the Junior high students and teach the junior high students how to coach the elementary students and teach the elementary students how to coach their parents.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah I am constantly setting goals.

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Heath Armstrong: And I mean.


Hal Elrod: Emerging your emotions like the emotional intelligence is the most important class that somebody could take.

Heath Armstrong: Absolutely and problem solving too, so.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, I don’t know who would I do, if I would do what the, I would reach out to very coach in America through the International Coach federation and I will say hey who wants to volunteer and take this program live to your city at schools that you know and  in your city.

Heath Armstrong: Alright, give us a couple of your favorite books.

Hal Elrod: Favorite books um right now Conversations with God is , has been my favorite book for years, I haven’t read it in like five years so I recently was telling , you know what if I read it again now I am a different person I don’t know if I will like it as much as I did but when I read it ten years ago initially and I re-read it after many years that was a very empowering book and it’s not religious at all by the way, not a religious book, just for anyone if you are religious you can read  it if you are not religious though don’t think like um I am not religious I can’t read it, it’s a very empowering book. And then some other favorite books are Vision to Reality it’s a new book published I think a year ago by Honoree Corder.

Heath Armstrong: Hmmm.

Hal Elrod: Vision to Reality, great book to break your goals down and turn the vision into reality, and my favorite book on money is called The Millionaire Fast Lane , The Millionaire Fast Lane and the last book that I will recommend is called The seven levels of Communication, The seven levels of communication is really a book , really more for business people but you know that you have customers, clients, strategic partners, colleagues to whom you want to take your relationship with them to best level, specifically if you are a business level how can you repeat and refer business from your, you know your current circle of influence you know, that’s really what the book is about.

Heath Armstrong: Awesome man I appreciate those recommendations. And if you had to battle Godzilla how would you use your creativity or talent to defeat that big ugly bastard?

Hal Elrod: Um I, I would um I don’t know I mean if it was just me and him I thin I would just run away and hide until he starves to death because he would have to eat me. I am, I am not a fighter, I mean, I am a huge UFC fan I could have watched I like to watch people to engage in strategic combat but yeah, I would run away and I would hide until he died. Hahahaha.

Heath Armstrong: Flight all the way over fight huh?

Hal Elrod: I am a fighters yeah, yeah I am a flightier but I like watching it so I would have watched him from a distance and then I may have formulated a plan I might think of a better solution you know on the spot that my first instinct would be flight, I would run and hide and then I will and then you know I would think hmmm what you know I need more time to think of a plan I guess.

Heath Armstrong: You had to get a couple beers in you first then you might have courage.

Hal Elrod: Yeah with a liquid courage yeah.

Heath Armstrong: All right so do you have any closing advice for our listeners?

Hal Elrod: You know what I will say this, I mean this was the tagline of my first book my first book taken like on the tag line and this is still like my life philosophy is “Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams” and what I mean by that is don’t think you have to wait for the ladder to do the former don’t think you have to wait for your life to get better for you to be the happiest person you have ever been, you have everything right now you have everything in your life to be happier then you have ever been before, simply about acknowledging what you have and who you are, its accepting things that you don’t have so you could get peace with those things its embracing the perfection of every moment of every day including all the faults and the flaws and the insecurities that are part of you, it’s about just choosing to love your life for because that’s our choice and not waiting so love the life you have create the life you dreams do them both simultaneously, don’t let one be dependent on the other and truly don’t wait to live the life you meant to live. Don’t wait for life with different situation really be present to all what you have to be grateful for and love.

Heath Armstrong: Halelujah man, no pun intended.

Hal Elrod: No pun intended, I appreciate you having me on and thanks to everybody listening.

Heath Armstrong: How can they get in touch with you Hal? Send them your website upload all these things.

Hal Elrod: Oh yeah we almost forget that,  this is the I left the most important but listen there are few things number one  if you want to buy the Miracle Morning  or if you want to go read few of the five star reviews and you seem it’s for you and it fits for you go to right that’s the place to find the book and if you want the direct link you can go to the that’s that takes you direct to amazon so if you don’t know how to get to amazon go to miracle morning book and if you  are like, hell you love the book and you are  like I am in a real bad financial position to the point where my wife and I have agreed that we can’t spend a dollar right now outside of our fixed expenses I get it, I have been there before, there is free opportunity for you to start go to and you can get what I call the miracle morning starter kit the fast start the crash course whatever you want to call it. It’s a seventeen minute video of me on stage giving a speech on the miracle morning and a sixty minute of audio training and you are going to get the first few chapters of the book totally free. I can get you started before you even you know then buy the book you know if you ever need to whenever you want to read it and then last but not least the the important resources that might be the most important long term on we have a community on Facebook you know are you part of the Miracle Morning community?

Heath Armstrong: Absolutely man!

Hal Elrod: You can attest to this thing it is the most inspired, supportive and couraging online really or offline community that I have ever seen and I will give you an example of this. First of all I started it with me and my people than that was years ago and now we just crossed five thousand members of the community and all over the world Iceland, Japan mostly it’s in USA and Canada but mostly US but anyway here is the example, the other day a young man posted in there “hey everybody I am new to miracle morning,  I am really having trouble waking up and getting myself out of the bed  and I have been trying you know, can you give me any tip that may have helped you?” Within twenty four hours thirty three people, thirty three people, thirty three strangers that didn’t know Hamlet he have never met commented on his post thoughtful lengthy comments sharing their experience giving him advice and I thought that’s not that happens regularly thirty three comments it’s like ten to fifteen comments.

Heath Armstrong: Oh Yeah!

Hal Elrod: Where do you even on your own page with your friends when you post Hey how I am going to chat, thirty people gave you advice so that’s the culture we have created like I said the most inspiring and supportive community. just go to and search the miracle morning community, make sure you don’t go to the fan page you go to the community in the Facebook group ask to join all approve you and that’s a great way to a kind of support from people whether its Miracle Morning or something else you need to help with but we are there for help.

Heath Armstrong: Yeah anything you post in there you get an immediate response, it’s fantastic, I am surprised every time I talk to somebody away from that whole community and I meet these people you know across the world that you would never think a million years and they practice the Miracle Morning it blows my mind every time.

Hal Elrod: Yeah, mine too dude mine too.

Heath Armstrong: So everybody take a skip of a Rankle Danika Wohooooo  over the Hals website and get the book do it a little dance and get a little funky live everyday like it’s a bonus down relax enjoy something beautiful and take that first step of creating the life you love, you can have it all, and Hal man I am truly honored to had you on the show and I will continue to spread the message every chance I get you are a miracle worker and thanks so much for being the Artrepreneur Now and always remember to keep it funky. Boom!

Thank you for listening to the Artrepreneur Now podcast. For all the show notes and more information, please visit that’s A-R-T-S-Y Thank you.



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