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A lifetime can be a masterpiece of creativity. As a child, Grey Cross was turned away from his itching passion for creativity by the typical conservative “you can’t do that for a living” argument that so many children fall victim to. As he evolved and grew into a need to rediscover his passion and true calling in life, Grey set himself loose from the life he knew and hit the road for years of uncertainty, soul searching and self-reinvention. Through travel, minimalism, writing, photography and a huge evolution of painting and sculpture through touchable art, Grey advanced through various stages of creativity and arrived at a place of contentment.

I absolutely adored talking with Grey about his years of floating and self-discovery and the powerful message he is conveying through every piece of art he touches. His work is simply astonishing. 

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Grey:

  • 20:56 :Loving the arts when he was young but stumbling when told not to pursue it early on. Discovering how detrimental this sort of negativity is to the younger generation,
  • 23:21 :Having a wonderful relationship despite being married young, being miserable by straying from his passion, and how he mended this by a decade of soul searching,
  • 25:21 : Key lessons he learned on the years on the road including taking chances, surviving a minimalistic lifestyle, working with limited resources and being himself,
  • 29:50 : How discovering himself contributed to his creativity , pursuing photography when he got to New Orleans, and finally finding his contentment in painting,
  • 33:12 :The stages he went through in his art career from creating touchable art, to luminescent art, finding interest in Crayola and metallic art until he got to coming up with 3D pieces,
  • 39:12 : The messages his artwork conveys and concepts where some of his artworks are based on,
  • 42:20 : The length of time it takes him to complete his pieces, the biggest battles he faced and the habits he has in place, and
  • 53:15 : His future plans of designing a course to match artists of talent with children of talent.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would like to study under Yayoi Kusama and watch her process as she makes amazing art.”

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would use the same solution as they use when they fight giant forest fires but instead of using water, I will take a container that’s slightly heated, fill it with super glue, take it up with a helicopter and release the glue on top of the monster until he ceases to move.”


  • If you have talent and ability, you can take it somewhere if you get past the stumbling blocks of life that will be placed in front of you.
  • The great thing about art is that you can create something, and then you can totally wipe it out and do something different.
  • Sometimes we have to be a poor, starving artist to appreciate that creativity can come from the craziest things.

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