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Greg Bastin made a transition from high stakes poker to masterminding the creation of OpportuniTEAS, a series of premium, all natural super teas, to pursue his quest to make a difference through helping people perform better, feel better, think clearly, and sustain more energy. He focuses on optimal health and providing the most effective products through full consumer awareness.

Greg covers the importance of nutrition in everyday life and it’s direct relation to productivity and success. He also touches on marketing strategies, product development, networking, the 80/20 rule, the value of failures, and converting passion to energy. Touche Greg.


Creative Influences

1 HR to create anything, with anyone…

  • He would create a free guide to healthy living with Oprah

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • Find out how Greg would use strategy to defeat the big bastard!  Listen Here

Favorite Advice…

“We don’t put much thought into the things that we consume every day, but if we start to put a little bit of thought into it, we can drastically change our experience with life.” – Greg Bastin

[Tweet “”The more people we have in this world following their passions, the better off we will be.”- Greg Bastin @gregbastin”]

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