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If you are interested in is your lucky day!

96_quote1_somedI’ve been anticipating this conversation for a while, and I’m proud to have finally connected with Georg Holzmann, the founder and creator of

Georg has accomplishments that blow most dreams out of the water. He is from Graz, Austria and is the mastermind behind the development of the super sweet podcast and audio tool called Auphonic. Georg develops next generation audio algorithms using a combination of music information retrieval, machine learning, signal processing and big data to create automatic audio post production software for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, movies, audio books, lecture recordings, screen casts and more.



To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would play a very loud tone to smash his brain.”


  • If it’s done, it is not too difficult anymore.

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  • 7:09: About Georg, the creator of Auphonic, the very system that I use for my podcasts and how he been fascinated with sounds and sound processing even as a child. How his love of music, the advent of new technology and easy access to information via the Internet have taken Georg  and to new heights of creativity to improve sound production,
  • 11:48: How being an enthusiastic podcast listener has enabled Georg to recognize the challenges faced by podcast users and how it dawned on him that he could do something about this in a really significant way, hence, the conceiving of Auphonic,
  • 14:28: What Auphonic is: the actualization of Georg’s desire to enhance the quality of the delivery of sound to the listener, to save time on uploads and generally making it easier for the user to work on his show – just as I discovered to my delight,
  • 19:00: The increase in volume of users which dismayed Georg the first time because he suddenly realized the amount of service required until he got the scales right and reacted accordingly;and how Georg ran into trouble when radio stations start to use a big amount of files, and just keeping abreast of the service would require endless working hours, and
  • 27:20: Georg’s future plans, which sounded like a Herculean list of tasks, including more enhancements for Auphonic such as adding more languages and more new algorithms, a desk version of the system and about a hundred other innovations with me doing my best to convince Georg to turn his brilliant mind to an app like “pod clear” and add or combine it with Auphonic to save me a lot of time when doing my podcasts.
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