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Most lifestyle entrepreneurs crave the dream of freeing ourselves from financial imbalance, stress, and hand ties.  We want a life full of passion and meaning, and it’s certainly possible, but it all starts with creating a business foundation that is scalable and financially sound, even when we step away to enjoy the world!

Evelyn Ivy is the Founder of Lifestyle CPA and the author of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship: A CPA’s Perspective. She specializes in the five levels of lifestyle entrepreneurship and how to increase your margins and remove yourself from your business.

Evelyn is a CPA, has a Master’s in Business, a Master’s in Accounting, a Master’s in Educational Technology, along with a few Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Business.  


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “It’s my dream to have an empire so if I can have Warren Buffet as an adviser, that would be great.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “If he would listen and sit down, I will tell him the cost of his destruction and tell him that I can help him turn things around for his benefit.”


  • I need freedom but I also need the money to finance my freedom.
  • You have to have a solid marketing base. You have to have a steady stream of clients, you need to know how to read the numbers, manage your metrics and know how to plan basing on that.
  • Start small and build gradually.
  • You cannot work just to make enough money to earn a living. You are never going to grow.
  • Its trial and error but the key is knowing how to package your services and product and knowing how to sell it.

Interview Links


  • 09:19 : Where the whole concept of starting a lifestyle business came from, how she started breaking free from her 9 to 5, and the challenges she faced early on especially with having just three clients,
  • 11:33 : Things she put in place to cut back on her lifestyle to help her business grow including moving to Springfield where the cost of living is low and keeping a budget,
  • 14:54 : The freedom that a savings account can do for you, the methods she has in place in saving and the different savings she has including emergency, travel, automated and ‘just-because’ savings,
  • 18:04 : The main benefits of Evelyn’s lifestyle and a success story from a client she had helped in the past,
  • 19:57 : How you can start building your path from simply earning a living to going out and being financially independent by starting small and planning well,
  • 24: 11 : Packaging your product and services towards the liking of your customer and the techniques she uses in getting to know what her customers want, and
  • 26:45 :How minimalism can work for business as well and the most common issues Evelyn sees in her clients including subscriptions, info products, and buying items that don’t sell.


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