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If you think you can only do one thing for a living, well you are so so so so so so wrong. Emilie Wapnick is the founder of, and she discovered her niche by not discovering a niche at all.

99_quote1_somedYou see, Emilie is a multipotentialite. She lives a life of multi-creativities, and she has built a community of others who are doing the exact same thing.  She recently gave a Ted Talk on this subject, and you can watch it above, or here:

Emilie’s Ted Talk

Emilie came to me through Jason Moore of the Zero to Travel podcast.  She is location independent and living the life she always dreamed.

In the episode, we cover the four multipotentialite work models and Emilie’s experience in bringing her visualization to life.

If you can’t figure out what you want to do for a living, you don’t have to! This episode is for you!


To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will do it with adaptability. I will probably play a violin and put him to sleep or I have woodworking skills and I can build a trap for him.”


  • There is no reason to expect an 18-year-old to stick to any decision on what to do with his life at this age.
  • Specialization limits one’s potentials.

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  • 7:58: Emilie presents the flip side of the coin and talks how specializing and finding one’s niche can be so limiting; challenges the time-tested belief that focus means just having one specific goal; expounds that having a variety of interests does not mean one lacks concentration but simply means a world of possibilities opening up to that person; and shares the intriguing results of a survey she did on successful people  in this interview,
  • 14:47: About her creation of the 4 distinctive career approaches that she defines one by one; and gives a convincing rationale for each approach which is true to her belief that most people are multipontentialites,
  • 20:46: Listen to how Emilie cautions people of varied interests to be careful of wasting time as they vacillate between which of the things they are passionate about should they do first;
  • 27:32: Get introspective with Emilie on parents’ expectations about having a “real job” and the cultural pressures of holding a job which most people equate with reliability,
  • 32:42: About Puttylike : her blog that has since then morphed to being a platform for people who are potentialites and want to share, help or just be friends with people who are just like them and being a place to go when you want to share interests outside your 9-5 job, and
  • 37:45: Emilie talks about what it feels like to be in Ted Talk and having the opportunity to reach out to other multi-potentialites and say to them that they are not alone, they have as much right to pursue several interests if it so pleases them as the next man has the right to specialize in any field.
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