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 Currently Creating in: Brooklyn, USA

Have you ever wanted to see which of your friends is closest to you, then invite them to join you without having to call them all individually? Well, Dylan did…so he created a system to solve the problem.

Dylan is the co-founder of the baller and clever Bleepr app which allows you to pinpoint close friends on a map from nearest to furthest without stalking them.  You can then engage with in conversations and invite other friends to the chats, which are all temporary.

He comes from a family that fully supports his journey to entrepreneurship, and he’s giving each day a run for its money with energy and enthusiasm.  He also has a sweet-ass wolf shirt.

Good vibes 4 $ho.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Dylan:

  • 06:12 : The influence his brother had on him in shifting gears from being an industrial engineer to becoming an entrepreneur,
  • 12:43 : What Bleepr is all about, how the idea sparked and the cool features of the app,
  • 15:07 : The biggest roadblocks in being in the app space and the things he hold on to to be able get going despite these challenges,
  • 17:33 : Bleepr’s long term goals including building an awesome community and expanding their platform by building more apps,
  • 21:43 : Personal habits that he has in place such as writing to-do lists and going to the beach with his dog,
  • 25:48 : The fast timeline and the steps it took for Bleepr to take form from doodling, Photoshop designs until the product launch, and
  • 30:17 : Things which he would’ve done differently knowing what he knows now.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would have a spaghetti dinner with Einstein.”

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would call up Matthew Broderick because he had already dealt with him once in the movie and will ask him to brainstorm and figure this out. I’ll also put it out in Twitter and get the whole world involved.”


  • You just got to stay focused and just remember why you first created it and work towards that goal.

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