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Are you using your relationship or sexuality to fuel energy for magical creative experiences? If you aren’t, you better start right now! Did you know confidence, happiness, intimacy, romance, sensuality, and sexuality all tap directly into your creative forces?

102_quote_somedDrs. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are dedicating their marriage and their lives helping others discover the power and importance of sexuality and how it affects health, creativity, and longevity. It’s an incredible conversation full of humor, intellect, and a lifetime of values.

Rob and Janelle also explore the process of creating “magical babies” and how sexual energy can directly result in powerful visions, ideas, creativity sprees and more.

This is NOT taking the act of love to a whole new intellectual level and leaving all the fun behind! Intimacy, sensuality, and orgasm are all accounted for!

Rob and Janelle have authored 125 books together and are the co-hosts of The Spiritual Peak Center podcast, Authors Talk About It Podcast, and Mission: Date Night Podcast. They have been hosting podcasts since 2011. Their online programs include Intimate Wealth™, Money Magic 90-Day Programs, 33 Days to Unleash Your Sacred + Sexy Power Animals™, Shape of Your Relationship and Transcendent Lovemaking™

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To defeat Godzilla with their talents…

  • Janelle: We will create a sigil, do a ceremony before making love and will have amazing transcendental lovemaking experience before Rob can go out there to Godzilla, and I will record the whole thing.
  • Rob: I will create a love monster to come in and give Godzilla a little bit of uhm.. so Godzilla will be a little less angry.


  • Laugh and have fun, even if we fall down flat on our asses. It is okay to just get back up.

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  • 7:30: Learn why Janelle is the Barefoot Soul Mentor and how Rob is the expert on getting it on. Listen to Rob’s theory of how questions can lead us to realization. Rob shares the interesting and fascinating thoughts that cross his mind when viewing art. After listening to his sensual description of how the artist creates a work of art, you will never look at a painting in the same way ever again.
  • 12:01: Can you channel your sexual energy into creativity? Rob and Janelle definitely say, “Yes!”Listen as Rob and Janelle give examples of this assertion. Find out how the big names of show business tap on their sexual energy to produce the best performances of their lives. Listen as they tell how Jim Morrison overcame his shyness to sing before a crowd and what his handlers had to do to get him to give his best during recordings. Find out how sex can be a tool to attain a level of artistic perfection that otherwise is simply impossible to reach.
  • 15:20: If lovemaking can help us reach our potential, when is the best time for focusing on creativity? Is it before, during or after? Listen to Rob as he shares his amazingly lucid and completely rational explanation about his own sexual experiences and how he uses the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm to rev up his creativity juices. It can even create a “magical child.” Just what is a “magical child?” Rob and Janelle are of one mind about what it is and listen to their fascinating explanation about this magical baby.
  • 17:04: Listen to Janelle as she talks about attaining synchronicity after channeling all that wonderful sexual energy. Just what is synchronicity? Have you ever had the amazing experience of thinking about someone you have not heard from for years and suddenly he calls? That is synchronicity. Janelle believes we can have this after reaching a level she calls “transcendental” lovemaking. The experience may vary from one person to another but basically, our sexuality, the depths and lows of our emotional and sensual connection during the sexual act can transcend to creative energy. The feeling, the experience and the mind-blowing connection with the world that transcendental lovemaking can bring is quite eloquently described by Janelle. Listen as she tells us why the experience will not be the same for everyone. She has an interesting story of how she met a friend on an astral journey and the amazing way she proved that this meeting was not a mere dream but a real connection – a true meeting of spirits!
  • 27:02: Rob and Janelle talk about how couples can strengthen sexual relationships. I believe this is important if we are to harness sexual energy for creativity.  Listen as Janelle explains how knowing who we are can strengthen our sexual relationships. She really hit this one spot on! If we know who we are, so many destructive behaviors are eliminated. The need to be right is set aside and the relationship is taken to a higher level of intimacy. Janelle’s passionate explanation about showing vulnerabilities to one’s partner is an eye opener to every couple looking to have a strong sexual relationship.  This is an interesting discussion by 2 top relationship gurus about strengthening sexual relationships as they point out destructive habits most of us indulge in without thought to the damage. Their life, just like everyone’s is not smooth sailing all the way but listen to how they overcame a major setback that could have potentially destroyed their relationship.
  • 35:00: Rob and Janelle talk about how to get the mojo going. Listen as the share their thoughts about lovemaking and how to spice up the love by whatever means agreeable to both. Rob talks about “savoring the moment” while Janelle has her “intimate play.” Their interesting views on quickies and foreplay are fascinating and insightful. Find out when foreplay begins as far as Rob is concerned. Listen as Janelle talks about how to up the sex play, not necessarily for a mind-blowing orgasm but just savoring every sensation as it is felt.
  • 44:28: Where does fetish lie in all these discussions about sexual play and lovemaking? Rob and Janelle give an interesting viewpoint about fetish. Listen as they define it, discuss how it affects partners and how it is triggered.


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